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Racket Cases



One special note is that Butterfly, Cornilleau, Donic, Double Queen, tables were available all year. Sponeta tables were only introduced in the second half of the year. We split the tables into 10 different subgroups:

(Free Shipping & Free Net)


By Price

Under $500

  1. Cornilleau Mini Hobby
  2. Butterfly Family
  3. Butterfly Junior Stationary


  1. Double Queen Grand Choice
  2. Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor
  3. Cornilleau TECTO Indoor
  4. Donic Indoor Roller
  5. Butterfly Compact Indoor


  1. Double Queen Finest Selection
  2. Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor
  3. Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover
  4. Cornilleau Performance 500 Indoor
  5. Sponeta S573i 22mm Indoor
  6. Sponeta S143e 4mm Outdoor
  7. Sponeta S380i 19mm Indoor
  8. Butterfly Easyplay 22


  1. Donic Waldner Classic 25 (ITTF)
  2. Donic Compact 25
  3. Cornilleau Performance 400M Crossover
  4. Sponeta S613i 22mm Indoor
  5. Sponeta S570e 6mm Outdoor
  6. Butterfly Club 25 Rollaway
  7. Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF
  8. Butterfly Space Saver 22

Over $1,999

  1. Cornilleau Park Grey
  2. Cornilleau Performance 500M Crossover
  3. Donic Persson 25 (ITTF)
  4. Cornilleau Pro 510 M Outdoor
  5. Sponeta S763 25mm Indoor ITTF 
  6. Cornilleau Pro 540 M Crossover
  7. Sponeta S680e 10mm Outdoor
  8. Butterfly Centrefold 25


By Categories


  1. Cornilleau Mini Hobby
  2. Butterfly Family
  3. Butterfly Junior Stationary


  1. Double Queen Finest Selection
  2. Double Queen Grand Choice
  3. Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor
  4. Donic Waldner Classic 25 (ITTF)
  5. Cornilleau Performance 500 Indoor
  6. Sponeta S573i 22mm Indoor
  7. Donic Persson 25 (ITTF)
  8. Sponeta S573i 22mm Indoore
  9. Sponeta S763 25mm Indoor ITTF
  10. Donic Compact 25 ITTF
  11. Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor
  12. Cornilleau TECTO Indoor
  13. Donic Indoor Roller

ITTF approved

  1. Donic Waldner Classic 25 (ITTF)
  2. Donic Persson 25 (ITTF)
  3. Donic Compact 25 ITTF
  4. Sponeta S763 25mm Indoor ITTF 
  5. Cornilleau Competition 850 Wood ITTF
  6. Cornilleau Competition 740 ITTF
  7. Cornilleau Competition 540 ITTF 

Crossover (indoor/Outdoor)

  1. Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover
  2. Cornilleau Performance 500M Crossover
  3. Cornilleau Pro 540 M Crossover
  4. Cornilleau Performance 400M Crossover
  5. Cornilleau TECTO All-Season
  6. Sponeta S570e 6mm Outdoor
  7. Sponeta S143e 4mm Outdoor


  1. Cornilleau Park Grey
  2. Sponeta S680e 10mm Outdoor
  3. Cornilleau Pro 510 M Outdoor


Our best selling robots in 2019

We sold hundreds of robots in 2019 for a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars, from the three top brands ButterflyJoola and Newgy. We divided all the robots into three categories; Entry level (under $1,000) Mid level ($1,000-$2,000) and Top of the line (over 2,000). 

Here are the best sellers of 2019:

Entry Level (under $1,000)

  1. JOOLA iPONG Master 300
  2. Newgy Robo-Pong 1040+
  3. JOOLA iPONG Trainer Motionaster 300
  4. Butterfly Practice Partner

Mid level ($1,000-$2,000)

  1. Newgy Robo-Pong 2055
  2. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+
  3. Butterfly Amicus Basic
  4. Butterfly Amicus Start
  5. Newgy Robo-Pong 1055

Top of the line (over $2,000)

  1. Newgy Robo-Pong 3050XL
  2. Butterfly Amicus Prime
  3. Butterfly Amicus Expert

Shop our best selling robots of 2019 today!

This week we announce our best sellers for Pickleball for 2019. We sold over 100,000 pickleball items in 2019, so we had a lot of numbers to crunch. We looked at PaddlesBallsSetsNets, and Bags. We also looked at all the types and colors of the paddles and balls. Here’s what we found:

Best Selling Paddles:

1. Graphite Z5
2. Composite Stryker 4
3. Graphite Stryker 4
4. Outbreak
5. Composite Evoke Pro
6. Graphite Sub-Zero
7. Recruit 3
8. Composite Z5
9. Evoke Premier*

Onix Evoke Premiere Review with Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova

10. Graphite Evoke Teardrop

*The Evoke Premier was only released in November and sold the more than any other paddle in November and December
Composite versus Graphite:
Graphite: 65%
Composite: 35%

Best Selling Colors:
1- Blue
2- Red
3- Black
4- Purple
5- Green

Indoor: 63%
Outdoor: 37%

Colors for Indoor Balls:
Orange: 66%
Yellow: 34%
Colors for Outdoor Balls:
Yellow: 64%
Neon Green 28%
Orange: 8%
Since we only sell one Portable net, one Bag, and one Set, there wasn’t any surprise that each one was our best seller in that category.

What did surprise us is that although was the huge increase in nets.

Nets 47%

Backpack 30%

Sets 23%
Following up on our list of best-selling Robots, Tables and Picklebll equipment, this week we are announcing our best-selling rubber of 2019.

Some people want to know which is the best-selling rubber by brand, others want to know within each brand which is the best-selling rubber, and we get even more questions about rubber.
So, we checked 4 categories:
  • Best-selling rubber by brand
  • Best-selling families of rubber
  • Best-selling per brand
  • Best-selling by Price
Next week we will announce our best-selling per brand, and finally, all brands combined our best-selling rubber by price. Try them all. :-)

We start with Best-selling rubber by brand, Best-selling families of rubber.

Best-selling rubber by brand
  1. Donic
  2. Andro
  3. Butterfly
  4. Palio 
  5. Xiom
  6. Adidas
  7. Gewo
  8. Cornilleau
  9. Double Happiness
  10. TSP
  11. Victas
  12. Yasaka
  13. Stiga
  14. Schildkrot
  15. Double Fish

Best-selling family of rubber sheets
  1. Andro Rasanter
  2. Donic Bluestorm
  3. Butterfly Tenergy
  4. Donic Acuda
  5. Donic Bluefire
  6. Andro Hexer
  7. Xiom Omega
  8. DHS Hurricane
  9. Donic Desto
  10. Xiom Vega
  11. Yasaka Mark V
  12. TSP Spinpips
  13. Victas VS
  14. Butterfly Dignics
  15. Gewo NexxEL Pro


By Brands 


  1. DONIC Bluefire M2 
  2. DONIC Acuda S3
  3. Donic Bluestorm Z2
  4. Donic Bluestorm Z3
  5. Donic Bluestorm Z1
  6. Donic Bluefire M3
  7. Donic Acuda S1 Turbo
  8. Donic Baracuda
  9. Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo
  10. Donic Desto F3 BS
  11. Donic Desto F3
  12. Donic Acuda S2


  1. Andro Rasanter R 47
  2. Andro Rasanter R 42
  3. Andro Rasanter R 37
  4. Andro Hexer Grip SFXlack
  5. Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX
  6. Andro Rasanter R 50
  7. Andro Rasanter R 53
  8. Andro Hexer
  9. Andro Impuls Speed
  10. Andro Hexer +
  1. Butterfly Tenergy 05
  2. Butterfly Rozena
  3. Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX
  4. Butterfly Sriver
  5. Butterfly Tenergy 64
  6. Butterfly Dignics 05
  7. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard
  8. Butterfly Tenergy 80


  1. Palio Extreme Spin
  2. Palio CJ8000 BioTech
  3. Palio The Way 40+
  4. Palio Hidden Dragon
  5. Palio Extreme Balance
  6. Palio The Way 40+


  1. Xiom Vega Europe
  2. Xiom Omega 7 Euro 2.0
  3. Xiom Omega 7 Pro 2.0
  4. Xiom Omega V Pro
  5. Xiom Vega Asia
  6. Xiom Vega Euro DF 2.0


  1. Adidas BlazeSpeed (S.P.)
  2. Adidas BlazeSpin (S.P.)


  1. Gewo Mega Flex Control
  2. Gewo Thunderball
  3. GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 50 Hard
  4. GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 48
  5. Gewo Hype KR Pro
  6. GEWO Neoflexx eFT 40


  1. Cornilleau Target Pro GT H47
  2. Cornilleau Target Pro GT X51
  3. Cornilleau Pilot Fast
  4. Cornilleau Target Pro GT M43
  5. Cornilleau Drive Spin 40

Double Happiness

  1. DHS Hurricane 3 NEO
  2. DHS Hurricane 2 NEO
  3. DHS Hurricane 3
  4. DHS Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo orange STB


  1. TSP Spinpips BLUE
  2. TSP Super SpinPips Chop


  1. Victas VJ 07 Limber
  2. Victas VS 402 Limber


  1. Yasaka Mark V
  2. Yasaka Mark V HPS


  1. Stiga Genesis M
  2. Stiga Calibra Tour H


  1. Schildkröt QRC Level 900 Champion (2 sheets)
  2. Schildkröt QRC Level 7000-Liga (2 sheets)

Double Fish

  1. Double Fish 8338
  2. Double Fish Hunting Shad232


By Price Category
Under CA$30 / US$23

  1. Palio Extreme spin
  2. Palio CJ8000 BioTech
  3. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo
  4. DHS Hurricane 2 Neo
  5. Palio Hidden Dragon
  6. Palio Extreme balance

CA$30-$50.00 / US$23-$38

  1. Yasaka Mark V
  2. Gewo Mega Flex Control
  3. Butterfly Sriver
  4. Palio The Way 40+
  5. Andro Good!
  6. Andro Impuls

CA$50-$60 / US$38-$45

  1. Butterfly Rozena
  2. Xiom Vega Europe
  3. Donic Baracuda
  4. Donic Desto F3 Big Slam
  5. Donic Desto F3
  6. Andro Impuls Speed

CA$60-$75 / US$45-$56

  1. Adidas Blaze Speed
  2. Adidas Blaze Spin
  3. Donic Bluefire M2
  4. Donic Acuda S3
  5. Donic Bluefire M3
  6. Donic Acuda S1 Turbo

CA$75-$100 / US$45-$75

  1. Andro Rasanter R47
  2. Andro Rasanter R42
  3. Donic Bluestorm Z2
  4. Donic Bluestorm Z3
  5. Andro Rasanter R37
  6. Donic Bluestorm Z1

Over CA$100 / US$75

  1. Butterfly Tenergy 05
  2. Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX
  3. Butterfly Tenergy 64
  4. Butterfly Dignics 05
  5. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard
  6. Butterfly Tenergy 80



Best Selling Blades Per Brand


  1. Waldner Exclusive ALL+
  2. Appelgren Exclusive ALL–
  3. Appelgren Allplay
  4. Waldner Senso Carbon
  5. Ovtcharov Senso V1
  6. Ovtcharov SensoV2
  7. Ovtcharov Carbospeed
  8. Waldner Dicon
  9. Persson Exclusive Off
  10. Persson Power Allround
  11. Waldner OFF WC89
  12. Waldner OFF FL


  1. Novacell ALL/S
  2. Inizio ALL
  3. Novacell OFF/S
  4. Timber 5 ALL
  5. Timber 7 OFF/S
  6. Kanter CO
  7. Kanter FO
  8. Treiber CL OFF
  9. Treiber FO OFF/S
  10. Timber 5 OFF


  1. B21 ALL+
  2. B11 ALL+
  3. TNT-1 OFF
  4. CAT ALL
  5. KA ALL
  6. C-2 OFF
  7. R57 ALL
  8. C87 OFF+


  1. Viscaria
  2. Timo Boll ALC
  3. Korbel Peter
  4. Primorac
  5. Primorac Carbon
  6. Sardius
  7. Timo Boll ALL


  1. Ice Cream AZX
  2. Feel AX
  3. Zeta OFF+
  4. Feel ZX
  5. Tour Carbon Stradivarius
  6. Classic Allround S


  1. Aero Soft Carbon OFF+
  2. Gatien Absolum OFF+
  3. Aero ALL
  4. Aero OFF-
  5. Aero ALL+
  6. Gatien Pure Carbon OFF+


  1. Power All
  2. Alvaro Robles OFF
  3. Hybrid Carbon A Sp.
  4. Allround Basic


  1. Victas ZX-Gear Out FL
  2. ZX-Gear Fiber FL
  3. Dyna Seven FL


  1. DHS PG 9
  2. BO-AC Carbon Thick
  3. TG7 P-L


  1. Black Balsa 7.0
  2. Gaia II


  1. Carbonado 90
  2. WRB Off Classic



By Price Category
UNDER CAN$40 (US$30)
Palio B21 ALL+
Palio B11 ALL+
Palio TNT-1 OFF
Palio KA ALL
andro Inizio ALL
Palio C-2 OFF FL
Palio R57 ALL
Palio C87 OFF+ FL
CAN$40-CAN$80 (US$30-US$61)
Donic Waldner Exclusive ALL+
Donic Appelgren Exclusive ALL–
Donic Appelgren Allplay
Andro Novacell ALL/S
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon
Gewo Power All
Donic Ovtcharov Senso V1
Donic Waldner Dicon
andro Novacell OFF/S
Donic Persson Power Allround
Donic Waldner OFF
Cornilleau Aero ALL
Cornilleau Aero OFF-
Cornilleau Aero All+
Cornilleau Aero Soft C Off+
Xiom Zeta OFF+
CAN$80-CAN$120 (US$61-US$91)
Donic Ovtcharov Senso V2
Butterfly Korbel Peter
Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed
Xiom Feel AX
Butterfly Primorac
Donic Waldner Legend Carbon
andro Kanter CO OFF
andro Kanter FO OFF
Butterfly Timo Boll ALL
Donic Ovtcharov Dotec ALL+
Butterfly Timo Boll Control
CAN$120-CAN$160 (US$91-US$121)
Butterfly Primorac Carbon
andro Treiber CI OFF
andro Treiber FO OFF/S
Xiom Tour Carbon Stradivarius
Andro TP Ligna ALL
andro Treiber FL OFF
Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon
Cornilleau Gatien Pure Carbon OFF+
Andro Treiber CO OFF/S
Donic Impuls 7.0
CAN$160-CAN$200 (US$121-US$152)
Donic Waldner OFF WC89
Butterfly Sardius
Cornilleau Gatien Absolum OFF+
Donic Ovtcharov No.1
Xiom Feel ZX 2
Andro TP Ligna OFF
Andro TP Ligna OFF/S
Donic Extension Green Carbon
CAN$200-CAN$300 (US$152-US$227)
Butterfly Viscaria
Butterfly Timo Boll ALC
Xiom Ice Cream AZX
andro TP Ligna CI OFF
Andro TP Ligna CO OFF
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLF
OVER CAN$300 (US$227)
Donic Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC
Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon
Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC

Best Sellers - Shoes

Getting the right shoe is so important. You want it to provide good foot support, have a good grip and of course, not be too heavy. It needs to feel good and of course, looking good is always a nice bonus! We`ve got plenty of selection for you with our top sellers!
Here are our top 12 best sellers:
Xiom 18 Footwork Black-Gold Shoes
Gewo TT-Super
Donic Waldner Flex III
Donic Speedflex II
Donic Targaflex V
Donic Ultra Power II Black/Lime
Andro Rasanter Black-Green
TSP Diamond GridXT Red
Donic Racing
Donic Sprint
Andro Cross Step Black/Neon Yellow
Gewo Speed Flex One Charcoal-Yellow



We just checked the results of our sets, and here are the best sellers.

We sold over 2,500 sets - 33 different skus - 6 brands; In order of popularity, and with the best seller from that brand:

  1. Donic Appelgren 300 2 Players Set
  2. Stiga Performance 4 Players Racket Set
  3. Cornilleau Tacteo Duo Racket Set
  4. Butterfly 603 FL Racket Set & Cover
  5. Sponeta Set Record 2-Players Racket Set
  6. Gewo Rave Speed Set


We sold 5 types of sets, also in order of popularity, and with the best seller from that type:

  1. Donic-Schildkröt Appelgren 300 2 players set
  2. Donic-Schildkröt Mini Set (2 players)
  3. Donic Waldner 600 1 Player gift set
  4. Donic-SchildkrötAppelgren 300 4 players set
  5. Cornilleau Tacteo Outdoor Duo Racket Set



Best Sellers 2019: Balls

We sold over 120,000 table tennis balls from 16 different brands in 2019. We divided the balls into three segments: ITTF approved, Practice balls, and Recreational balls. We also looked at the colors. Here’s what we found:
White: 59%
Orange: 33%
Fun balls, other colors: 8%

Most of these balls have been added to our MARCH MADNESS BEST SELLERS SALE. Save FROM 16-73%!

Type of Ball:
Practice: 45%
Recreational: 41%
Tournament: 14%
Best Selling ITTF approved ball:
Donic 40+ 3*
Schildkröt Champion 40+ 3*
Gewo UltSLP40+3*
Andro 40+ 3*
DHS 3* 40mm
Nittaku 40+ 3* JAPAN
Butterfly A40+3*

Best Selling Practice ball:
Schildkröt 40+ 2T
Donic 40+ Coach
PPD 2* 40+ Practice
Xiom Sensa Train
Schildkröt 40+ 1T
Double Fish 40+ 2*
Palio Polyballs 2*
Andro Poly  40+ 2**
DHS 1* White
TSP CP40+ Training
Gewo TrClub 40+*
Nittaku 40+ 2* JAPAN

Breakdown of Recreational balls:
0 stars or fun balls: 47%
1 star: 15%
2 star: 17%
3 star: 21%
Best Selling Recreational no star or fun balls:
Donic-Schildkröt Jade
Donic-Schildkröt  Color Popps
No Logo balls

Best Selling 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star:
The same for all three types:


In 2019 we sold over 8,000 rackets, ranging in price from CAN$6.95 / US$4.79 to CAN$199.95 / US$137.89. We offered over 100 models from 7 brands, androButterflyCornilleau DonicGewoSponeta, and Stiga. We reviewed the numbers to come up with the best sellers per price category, by brand, and within each brand.
We divide the 100 models into 4 price categories in Canadian dollars:

Under $25.00
$25.00 - $49.99
$50.00 - $99.99

Best sellers by price categories:

Best sellers by brand:

Best sellers from each brand:


One of the most under-appreciated pieces of table tennis equipment is the net. Like a good umpire, a good net is hardly ever noticed. However, a bad net can be very frustrating. It can be exasperating, if it doesn’t remain tight, or isn’t exactly six inches high, or is a pain to put on and take off. That’s why we try to only sell good quality nets.

Of course there will be a difference in quality between our least expensive net and post set at $19.95, and our most expensive one at $169.95.We sold over 1,100 nets from 5 brands; Andro, Cornilleau, Donic Sponeta, and Stiga. We sold 30 different models, including, extra-nets (no posts, just the nets), Flex/Retractable Nets (can be used on any surface), Clip, and traditional screw on.

Here are the best-sellers by brand, type, and price point, and our grand champion. Our best selling net of all by far is the Donic Flex-Net in Carry Bag (currently on weekly special).

By brand

  1. Donic Flex-Net in Carry Bag
  2. Donic Team Clip On
  3. Donic Stress Net
  4. Donic Team
  1. Cornilleau Advance
  2. Cornilleau Competition
  1. Andro Snap
  2. Andro Niveau
  1. Stiga Premium Clipper
  2. Stiga Performance
  1. Sponeta Primus II Black
  2. Sponeta Club Black

By type:

Extra Nets
  1. Xtra Net Cornilleau Competition
  2. Xtra Net Cornilleau Advance
Flex Nets
  1. Flex-Net Donic-Schildkröt in Carry Bag
Clip On
  1. Donic-Schildkröt Team Clip On
  2. Andro Snap
Traditional Screw-On
  1. Donic Team
  2. Donic Stress

By price:

Under CAN$50.00/U.S $35.00
  1. Flex-Net Donic-Schildkröt in Carry Bag
  2. Donic Team Clip On
  3. Donic Team
Between CAN$50.00/U.S $35.00 and CAN$90.00/U.S $64.00
  1. Cornilleau Advance
  2. Donic Ralley
  3. Andro Snap
Over CAN$90.00/U.S $64.00
  1. Donic Stress
  2. Cornilleau Advance
  3. Cornilleau Competition




Best Sellers: Racket Case

racket case is an essential part of the routine you should be following to keep your racket performing well for as long a time as possible. After each time you play, clean your racket and place it in a cover to help protect it. There are basically three types of cases; those in the form of a racket (Cover), or rectangular shape (Case), and finally rectangular with a hard cover. There are also racket cases for one racket, for two rackets, and with a pocket for balls. And of course each manufacturer tries to make their case look as attractive as possible.

In 2019, we sold over 1,500 racket cases from 10 brands; androButterflyCornilleauDonicGewoPalioStigaTSPXiom, and a special one we made PPD. We sold over 100 different models.

Here are the best sellers by brand, type (racket shape, rectangular, hard), color, and price point:


By Brand


1.     Classic

2.     Double Persson (for 2 rackets)

3.     Phase Double (for 2 rackets)



1.     PPD Double Rectangle (for 2 rackets)



1.     Basic SP Oval

2.     Hardcase

3.     Double Fraser



1.     Racket Shape

2.     Round Shape



1.     Alu-Safe Blue

2.     Freestyle XL



1.     Russo Hexagone

2.     Russo Square



1.     Logo Tour

2.     Full Logo



1.     Safe

2.     Fittcare Double



1.     Osaka Double

2.     Alucase



1.     Single



By Racket Shape


1.     Donic Classic

2.     Donic Select

3.     Andro Basic SP

4.     Palio Racket Shape

5.     Stiga Single



1.     PPD Double (for 2 rackets)

2.     Andro Basic SP Oval

3.     Butterfly Logo Tour

4.     Fittcare Double



1.     Andro Hardcase

2.     Xiom Russo Square

3.     Gewo Alu-Safe



By Price


Under CAN$20.00/U.S $14.00

1.     Donic Classic

2.     Donic Select

3.     Palio Racket Shape


Between CAN$20.00/U.S $15.00 and CAN$40.00/U.S $29.00

1.     PPD Double Rectangular (for 2 rackets)

2.     Donic Double Persson (for 2 rackets)

3.     Buttefly Logo Tour


Over CAN$40.00/U.S $29.00

1.     Xiom Russo Hexagone

2.     Xiom Russo Square

3.     Xiom Alu-Safe


By Color

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Black
4. Silver-Grey
5. Mixed
6. Green