Products, technology and many other things have evolved since we started selling equipment 30 years ago. One thing that hasn't changed is our underlying philosophy. We strive to be the best and offer you the best—the best products, the best servicethe best rewards program, and the BEST PRICES. And even though we offer more, we don't expect you to pay more. We guarantee that we have the lowest prices in the world. We also match all specials and all coupons!

In order to make sure we have the lowest prices, we use software that checks the prices of all our competitors and alerts us if anyone has lowered their price below ours. And just in case something slips by us, we also have set up a report a lower price email, so please help us and let us know if you find a lower price somewhere else. We’re serious about LOW PRICES, so you never need to shop around to find the best deal—it’s right here at PPD. At Ping Pong Depot you will always get the best price, products, and service!


23 Advantages To Shopping With PPD

At PPD, we work hard to be your #1 BEST Choice for all your table tennis and pickleball equipment, as well as your indoor and outdoor game needs. We’re always on the lookout for more ways that we can improve our service and selection to make your shopping experience the most enjoyable and rewarding ever!

Here are 22 advantages to shopping with PPD: 

  1. PPD is committed to being your low price leader, guaranteed! If you find a lower price, we will match it and maybe even beat it. See details here
  2. We have Closeouts and other specials with discounts up to 94%. We’re practically giving away some of our items.
  3. We honor all competitor coupons.
  4. Never have a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). When you buy from PPD, we guarantee our prices for 90 days after your purchase! If we or anyone else puts the item you purchased on sale, even up to 90 days after your purchase, we will refund you the difference. You don’t need to wait for a special sale or price—simply buy when you’re ready and no worries about FOMO!
  5. Save a bunch on our Combos, and get professional assembly, racket case, and side tape for FREE!
  6. Become one of our email subscribers and get a $10 FREE coupon + receive exclusive coupons for additional discounts of 10-20% over and above our regular discounts.
  7. Can't decipher convoluted, poorly translated product descriptions? We rewrite many product descriptions from manufacturers to make them meaningful and understandable.
  8. Our Refer-A-Friend Program gives you $10 of free Rewards Points and each friend you refer a $10 discount on their initial order.
  9. Choose from a huge selection of products from over 28 top brands. We’re sure to have whatever you need.
  10. Be notified when out-of-stock items are back in stock, or pre-order items to be guaranteed one of the first ones when that item is restocked.
  11. Use our Ping Pong Depot Payment Plan if you can’t afford to pay for your purchase all at once. Get what you want NOW.
  12. Our customer service is second to none. Many of our reps are sport fanatics with a long history in their sport. They are experienced, knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. What more can you ask?
  13. We ship our products ASAP! Most often, the next business day. And follow up immediately by emailing tracking info.
  14. FREE Shipping with just a $89.90 (US $68.10) purchase.
  15. Get discounts and/or free stuff with our PPD Rewards Club. The more you buy, the quicker your points add up. Also earn points for likes, reviews, and referrals.
  16. Win great prizes in our fun contests, like our Win-Win Challenge.
  17. Don’t speak English? No problem. Members of our team speak 6 different languages—English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and even Katsat Hebrew.
  18. We support the table tennis communities in Canada and USA with equipment sponsorships and partnerships.
  19. Keep track of the latest news and happenings in our sport with our newslettersblogs, and Facebook posts.
  20. Up to date, secure, and mobile friendly website.
  21. Toll-free order and information phone line.
  22. Reordering with PPD is easy as 1-2-3! Click your history tab, select the item and quantity to reorder... your done!
  23. Check out our 2 Fantastic New Trial PacksTrial Pack 40+ training balls and the Trial Pack 40+ ITTF Approved balls, they'll cost you virtually nothing! Learn more now...

Bottom line—we have the BEST prices, BEST service, BEST selection, and BEST brands. PPD is simply unbeatable!



Product Descriptions You Can Use!

PPD employs several experts in the field of table tennis who have dedicated their lives to the sport. We have current and former top players, coaches, promoters, and equipment specialists on staff, ready to share their expert insights into the equipment PPD sells. One of the ways you get to take advantage of this rich knowledge base is the accurate and useful product descriptions we provide on our website. Making the right choices depends on having the best information possible. But how do you get a full understanding when all you see are poorly written, almost unintelligible, translations from someone who doesn’t speak English fluently?

All of us who have been in the sport for awhile are familiar with the almost indecipherable descriptions that are prevalent on the internet. Here’s a beauty—distribute the smashing wave equally and accurately deliver the compacted wave to the ball to feel it attached to the blade in a moment—what does that mean??? Well, our experts will delve into the product to find out. And then we’ll provide you with product descriptions that are clearly written to help you understand the advantages of that product. Of course, PPD carries thousands of products, so not all of the product descriptions have already been re-written. If you’re still confused by a product description, just let our customer service know so we can prioritize it to get our expert evaluation treatment.

Why does PPD take the time to do this? Because we care about our customers and want to make your shopping at PPD as frictionless and rewarding as possible. Another advantage and reason to do all your table tennis and pickleball shopping at Ping Pong Depot.

Get Notified When A Product You Want Is Back In Stock

If we happen to be out of stock of your favorite rubber or other product, you don’t need to keep checking back anymore! You can now enter your email address when the product you want is temporarily out of stock. We will send you an email as soon as new stock arrives.

To get notified when a product is back in stock, look for the input cell that appears under the Add to Cart button on the product page when a product is out-of-stock. Fill in your email address, press Notify Me, and that’s it! As soon as we have the item restocked, we’ll send you an email letting you know the item is ready to be ordered again and we’ll provide a link right back to the order page.

Please note that back-in-stock products are sold on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve an item and be sure you get it as soon as it is back-in-stock, please pre-order it by calling us at 1-855-681-PING (7464). The item will be shipped to you as soon as the product is back-in-stock and we will only charge your credit card when the product is on its way to you.