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Damaged, Defective, or Incorrect Items

If any item that you receive is damaged or defective, or we sent you the wrong item, please contact us within thirty days of receipt so that we may arrange a replacement. For some items (e.g., robots and tables), depending on the damage/defect, we may arrange a replacement part rather than a replacement item.

Manufacturers sometimes update the look of their products without changing their characteristics. We try to pass on all the changes they provide us as quickly as possible. However, the pictures on our website may not be identical to the products you receive.

Please note that rackets are made of wood, so if a racket breaks in use, this is not considered to be a defect.

Other Returns

The subsections in this section apply to items that are neither damaged nor defective and that are what you ordered.

Full-sized Tables, Floor-Standing Midi/Mini Tables

If you open the carton, you cannot return a full-sized table, conversion tops, floor-standing midi/mini table, or TTmatic robot. If the carton is unopened, you may return such items within thirty days of receipt for exchange or refund.

If you return such an item (or refuse delivery of such an item), you will be liable for all shipping costs, both to you and back, plus a restocking fee of 15% of the price. Note that while our table prices include shipping at no extra charge to many locations (see Table Shipping and Delivery), the actual cost to ship the item to you is not zero. For full-sized tables, the 15% restocking fee will be calculated on the price excluding the shipping cost. To avoid surprises, before refusing delivery of such an item, please contact us to find out how much you will be charged.

If you are exchanging, then our usual handling/shipping fees apply to send the new items to you.

Other Products

For other products, you may return most unused items within thirty days of receipt for exchange or refund. The items that you return must be in their original packaging and salable as new. You cannot return any item that you have used, that you do not have the original packaging for, or that cannot be sold as new.

You cannot return DVDs or videotapes that you have opened or that are not factory sealed.

You cannot return blades/rubber/rackets that we assembled for you or special-ordered items.

You cannot return or cash in a gift certificate; gift certificates may only be redeemed for merchandise.

We will not refund any handling/shipping fees. You are responsible for all return shipping costs. If you are exchanging, then our usual handling/shipping fees apply to send the new items to you.

Return Procedure

Please do not return anything without first contacting us and getting an RA# (Return Authorization Number). Once we give you an RA#, please follow these steps (unless we specifically give you other instructions when we give you the RA#):

  1. Address the package to
     RA NUMBER ____
    1371 Bergar
    Laval, Quebec
    H7L 4Z7
    Be sure to include your RA# in the first line of the address. If you do not do this, your return will be refused!
  2. Ship the package via regular postal-service mail (not UPS or FedEx or anything else).
  3. If you are shipping from outside Canada, specify the contents on the customs declaration form as “Return of merchandise to Canada”. This is important so that the package is not charged duty.