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Donic P40+ Poly 3* White (120) ABS Balls

DONIC's new plastic ball, the DONIC P40+ 3*** harder than its predecessor DONIC 40+ 3***. slightly higher bounce recognizable by its distinctive sound precise and consistent bounce absolutely reliable in its playing characteristics The official ball of...

andro Speedball 3S*** White (72) ABS Balls

Precision, even speed, stable flight behavior and a constant high ball-bounce - these attributes describe the andro SPEEDBALL 3S ***. A newly developed manufacturing method as well as an excellent choice of raw materials provide playing characteristics...

Butterfly Training Ball White (120) - NEW

High-Quality Training BallThe Butterfly Training Ball comes with high quality, comparable to a Three-star ball. The ball can be used for training, such as multi-ball, with a similar feel to competitions due to its high roundness, steadiness and...

Donic P40+ Poly Coach 2** (120) ABS Balls

DONIC's new training ball, the DONIC Coach P40+ The new training ball, of plastic material, is the perfect, inexpensive choice for training purposes.   Donic Balls Selected And Recommended By Quebec Table Tennis Federation Since the switch from...

DHS D40+ 1* (120) Balls

The D40+ 1* plastic seam ball is created from a new type of plastic which provides a good bounce trajectory. Thanks to the new material used, the ball has enhanced durability. The D40+ 1* is the perfect training ball for when multi balls are needed...

Andro PolyS 1* (72) balls

Many things are still in discussion on plastic balls, but for sure, the future will be free of celluloid. While many questions are still open at the high end 3-star level for pro players, we have now the ideal solution for your daily club training: the...

Xiom V Training Balls ABS White (100)

XIOM V TRAINING 100 PACK NEW ABS PLASTIC BALL SERIESXIOM releases new ABS plastic ball series, XIOM V balls.XIOM V features rough surface with friction to deliver more spin to the ball. Also, enhanced roundness brings regular bounce and high durability...

Andro Poly2S 2** (72) balls

The andro POLY 2S** is the ideal training ball for clubs and players that want to take advantage of the POLY S qualities, like precision, a stable curve and a high bounce, during training sessions and while preparing for tournaments.

Trial Pack 40+ ITTF Approved balls

Check Out Our 2 Fantastic New Trial Packs! They'll cost you virtually nothing!   If you've ever asked yourself which table tennis ball is the most round, most uniform, most durable, and best suited to your style? Then our New Trial...

Butterfly A40+ 3* ABS Balls (12) White

The new plastic Butterfly 3-Star Ball made from ABS was the official ball of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. Manufactured under strict quality control, this ball achieves high uniformity, stable rotation, speed, and balance...