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Butterfly Mizutani Blade Jun Super ZLC FL Blade

Collaboration Model With Jun Mizutani Style: Attack | Reaction: 12.5 | Vibration: 11.6 Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade is named after the Japanese great, Mizutani Jun. Super ZL-Carbon has gone beyond the present fibrous materials and stepped forward into...

Xiom Ice Cream AZXi FL Blade

The Xiom Ice Cream AZXi has two limba outer plies and a Kiri core. However, sandwiched between the core and second limba ply, the AZXi has an inner carbon ply of ZLC on one side and an inner ply of ALC on the other side. This allows its users to have...

Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon FL Blade

High Performance Model with ZL-Carbon Style: Attack | Reaction: 12.2 | Vibration: 13.7 The Amultart ZL Carbon is a hybrid of Butterfly's industry leading Carbon Technology with ZL fiber The resulting blade has great speed, but holds the ball a...

Butterfly Garaydia T5000 FL Blade

Powerful Offensive T5000 Carbon fibers are responsible for the sheer power and stability of the new Garaydia T5000. Its thick wood veneer lend extra speed to score with fast topspins and smashes. Class: OFF+ Plies: 3W+2T5000 Weight: 90g~ Blade...

Victas Koki Niwa Wood FL blade

  Koki Niwa Wood is a 7-ply premium off-blade for close-to-the-table attackers. The blade of Japanese superstar Koki Niwa perfectly combines excellent feel and high speed for topspin-to-topspin rallies. Koki Niwa Wood provides any offensive players...

Xiom Hibi-O Pro PHJ Blade

KISO HINOKI MONO-PLY PREMIUM MONO-PLY PENHOLDER BLADES OF ULTIMATE POWER XIOM KISO HINOKI series penholder blades are made of extremely high quality Kiso Hinoki wood. Kiso Hinoki is called as "king of woods" for long time. This premium wood is grown in...

DHS Hurricane King 3 Blade

Number of Layers : 5+2Weight (g) : 90Type : OFF+Thickness (mm) : 5.2 Many times world champion Wang Liqin started to play with the 3rd version of the ‘HURRICANE KING’ blade after the ban of the VOC-contained speed glue. The blade is...

Victas ZX-Gear In Blade FL

VICTAS ZX-GEAR IN is a new high-control premium blade “Made in Japan”. The innovative new Zexion® carbon fiber which is placed directly on the core ply provides for a perfect combination of great power and unbelievable control. This...

Victas ZX-Gear Out Blade FL

VICTAS ZX-GEAR OUT is the new Power Off premium blade “Made in Japan”. The innovative new Zexion® carbon fiber which is placed directly under the outer ply provides for fantastic stability and power. This highly elastic carbon fiber...

DHS Hurricane Long 2 FL Blade

7-plywood blade played by 2016 Olympic Champion Ma Long produces outstanding power and stability. DHS Hurricane Long 2 is easy to handle in all varieties of attacking strategies. Layers : 7Weight (g) : 89Type : OFF+Thickness (mm) : 6.4

Xiom Katana PHJ Blade

Mono-ply Japanese penhold of super premium quality. Super premium mono-ply Kiso Hinoki penholder blade. Among the class HONMASA Kiso Hinoki woods which is already premium class wood, only top quality woods are selected for this "Special" version...

Butterfly Primorac Carbon Blade (FL)

SPECIFICATIONS Weight 88 Plies 3+2  Control 56  Speed 79 Classification OFF+  Style: OFF+ Speed: 9.5 Control: 6.7 Weight: 92 gr Stiffness: Hard Plies: 3+2 The...

DHS Hurricane Hao 3 Blade

Layers : 5+1Weight (g) : 85Type : OFF+Thickness (mm) : 5.8 Used by Wang Hao during the VOC free times. Composed of 5 ply with single fiberglass-carbon layer in the middle wich provide outstanding control and significant power.  

DHS TG7 SP Blade

Class: OFF+Speed: 98Control: 56Blade Weight: 95Plies: 7wBlade Thickness: 6.2Material: All Wood The TG7-SP from DHS is different from a traditional 7-ply blade. The thin and high elastic materials create a progressive effect so that the power of the blade...

Xiom Ice Cream AZX Blade

Ice Cream AZX PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE & POWER CREATED BY HYBRID COMPOSITETwo special composites : ZEPHYLIUM CARBON (ZLC) and ARYLATE CARBON (ALC), both with clear distinctive performance in one blade provides the players with variety of...

Cornilleau Gatien Vision OFF+ blade

This blade has a carbon sensation which keeps a low profile at low speed but is capable of releasing a huge burst of power when necessary. Formidably efficient. Strategy Off+Speed 145Feel Medium-HardWeight 85gPlywood 5+2Ext Plies TibaThickness 5...

Xiom Hibi-O PHJ Blade

ULTIMATE ALL-ROUND PLAYER'S MACHINE FROM KISO-HINOKI ALL-ROUND CAPACITY EQUIPPED WITH THE PERFECT BALANCE IN SPEED, SPIN AND CONTROL HOBI-O blade is highly suitable for using a variety of techniques used in table tennis. This blade is characterized by...

Xiom TourCarbon Stradivarius Blade

  Exceptional spin capability by “Aramid Carbon”. Sharp and compact feel for top offensive players. STRADIVARIUS, which has been one of the bestseller of XIOM, was reborn for top players of new era. Aramid Carbon, which is the mixture of...