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DHS D40+ 3* (10) Balls - Weekly Special Save 58%

2017-2020 World Championship Ball. The D40+ 3*** plastic seam ball is created from a new type of plastic which provides a good bounce trajectory. Thanks to the new material used, the ball has enhanced durability. This ball is ITTF approved, and is...

Butterfly A40+ 3* ABS Balls (3) White

The new plastic Butterfly 3-Star Ball made from ABS was the official ball of the 2018 World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden. Manufactured under strict quality control, this ball achieves high uniformity, stable rotation, speed, and balance...

andro Speedball 3S*** White ABS Balls (3)

Bulk Pricing Number of boxes Discount 1 box 0% 2-3 boxes 5% 4-7 boxes 10% 8-15 boxes 12% 16-31 boxes 18% 32-63 boxes 21% 64-127 boxes 25% 128+ boxes 27% Precision, even speed, stable flight behavior and a constant high ball-bounce...

Cornilleau 40+ P-Ball ABS-Evolution 3* (3) Balls

  This is a box of ABS Evolution 3 x 40mm white plastic competition balls which have ITTF 3 star approval.  These balls fit the criteria of the new balls approved by the ITTF for competition play.  They are high quality balls which...

Donic P40+ Poly 3* ABS Balls White (3)

  DONIC's new plastic ball, the DONIC P40+ 3*** harder than its predecessor DONIC 40+ 3***. slightly higher bounce recognizable by its distinctive sound precise and consistent bounce absolutely reliable in its playing characteristics The official...

TSP CP40+ 3*** ABS Neutral White balls (3)

TSP CP40+ White balls (3) is made of innovative ABS poly-material. ITTF Approved Guaranteed Best Prices:   We guarantee that we have the best prices in the U.S. or Canada, and we will match our competitors’ specials! If you find a...