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FastPong Carry Case (CC01) 1

FastPong Carry Case (CC01) (shipping included) - aMayZing Sale - Save 20%

This high quality case will make it easier to carry your FastPong system (FP01) from place to place or keep it safely stored. Strongly stitched handles and padded shoulder strap Padded bottom Separate compartments for each of the 4 boards to keep the...

Newgy Pong-Pal XL

The popular Pong-Pal table tennis ball retriever, the Quicker Ball Picker Upper, has been extended! Now it is even easier to reach and retrieve balls under the table or behind furniture. Pong-Pal XL will make it much easier and faster to pick up table...

Newgy Robo-Tote

Fit your Robo-Pong 3050XL/2055/2040+/1055/1040+ into this carrying case and take it with you to your table tennis club, friend’s house or wherever you go. The Newgy Robo-Tote is also a great storage case to protect your...

Newgy Pong-Pal

 The Quicker Ball Picker Upper Pong-Pal makes it much easier and faster for you to pick up table tennis balls. With its special angled end, you can even retrieve balls that are under your table or other hard-to-reach places. Its unique two-piece...
Joola service practice net 2

Joola service practice net

  The JOOLA Table Tennis Service Practice Net reliably collects balls during service, multi-ball, or robot practice! It uses a built-in funnel design to collect your spent pingpong balls into a container (not included), saving you time and...
Joola Ipong Telescoping Ball Pick Up Net Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Joola Ipong Telescoping Ball Pick Up Net

• Ergonomic table tennis ball pickup net that prevents overstressing your lower back• Spend less time and energy picking up table tennis balls• Rubber, ergonomic grip and retractable pole handle with extension feature that twist locks into...
Gewo Ball Pick-Up Net Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Gewo Ball Pickup Net

The GEWO 'Pick-Up' is a high-quality training tool holding up to 72 balls. Can be folded very easily after training or competition for space/saving storage in the supplied transport/storage bag.    
Newgy My Ping Pong Buddy Canada only Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment 2

My Ping Pong Buddy - aMayZing Sale - Save 38%

The World's Best Ping Pong Ball Picker Upper. Fast, efficient, and fun! Preferred by table tennis robot owners and multiball coaches and students 10 years in a row. It is the best tool to pick up dozens of balls off the floor in just a minute or two...
Joola Compact Carbon Fiber Practice Net Canada only Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Joola Ipong Compact Carbon Fiber Practice Net - Weekly Special - Save 43%

  With a sturdy yet flexible carbon fiber frame and impermeable net, it reliably collects balls during serve, multi-ball, or robot practice and saves extra time by directing balls into a readily awaiting bucket or box below the net. Moreover,...