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Victas Koji Matsushita Defensive FL Blade

Koji Matsushita Defensive is a premium-quality, Japanese defensive blade with excellent control features. Thanks to the especially thin, 5-ply structure, the VICTAS material experts succeeded in reducing the overall weight of the Koji Matsushita...

Xiom Aigis Defense FL Blade

SPECIAL WEAPON OF MODERN DEFENSIVE PLAYERS COMBINATION OF STABILITY FOR CUT DEFENSE AND ALL+ CLASS SPEED FOR COUNTERATTACT AIGIS is a defensive blade of enhanced ability of counterattack. Instead of usual Willow wood, Limba is used for the top layer of...

Andro Timber 5 DEF FL blade

TIMBER5 DEF is the blade of the Basic Line, with the highest control values. The secret behind this enormous ball control is the walnut veneer and the thin Limba wood veneer. They slow down rather than generating speed. Geometry and weight balance are...