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DONIC Waldner Allplay Blade Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

DONIC Waldner Allplay Blade

The legendary DONIC allround wood, a new addition to the Waldner line. The handle is made out of a dark natural wood incorporating the well known "Waldner Design". The surprising playing characteristics of this classic DONIC ALLPLAY wood made it a best...
DONIC Limit Shorts navy

DONIC Limit Shorts

Classic table tennis shorts made of light, elastic, functional fibre which removes perspiration from your skin to the outside of the shorts. With elastic waistband, internal drawstring and two side pockets. High freedom of movement through a more...
DONIC Appelgren Exclusive AR Blade Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

DONIC Appelgren Exclusive ALL– Blade

DONIC's Exclusive blades are unbeatable values. Named after 4 of the top table tennis stars of recent times. The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. These...