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Xiom Ice Cream AZXi FL Blade

The Xiom Ice Cream AZXi has two limba outer plies and a Kiri core. However, sandwiched between the core and second limba ply, the AZXi has an inner carbon ply of ZLC on one side and an inner ply of ALC on the other side. This allows its users to have...

Xiom Ice Cream AZX Blade

Ice Cream AZX PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE & POWER CREATED BY HYBRID COMPOSITETwo special composites : ZEPHYLIUM CARBON (ZLC) and ARYLATE CARBON (ALC), both with clear distinctive performance in one blade provides the players with variety of...

Cornilleau Gatien PURE OFF+ CARBON blade

This blade has a 15-ply for a unique topspin sensation.  This "elastic" power is also harnessed on the strike, whilst the counter-initiative of comfort and safety are never overlooked. Strategy Off+ Speed 155 Feel Medium-Hard Weight 85g ...

Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade

OFF to OFF+   This is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with. For all out attackers with hard loops who prefer to counterattack. This is the...

Donic Ovtcharov Senso V2 blade

ALL+ to OFF Ovtcharov Senso V2 continues Donic's Senso-Technology's successful tradition and compliments the product range with a 5-ply V2 power allround blade. Compared to the hard walnut outer ply of the Ovtcharov Senso V1 this blade has a softer...

DONIC Waldner Dicon Blade

  DICON stands for DIrect CONtrol. The Donic Waldner Dicon has had parts of the handle removed with a milling tool. This alteration provides direct contact between the player's hand, arm, and the blade. It improves the feeling of power and speed...

Xiom Classic Extreme S Blade

Thick, high-speed, not hard, classical 7-ply limba blade with modern improvements. Adjusted center layer for the feeling improvement. Very good with pimple-out rubbers. Suitable for modern drive play. Number of Layers : 7 Blade Weight (grams) : 90 ...

Cornilleau GATIEN CROWN ALL+ blade

The essence of Swedish expertise is featured by this top of the range 5 plywood blade. The external Anigre layers give the additional dynamism required for finishing shots. The thicker central structure with the 2 walnut layers provides great stability...

Donic Persson Power Allround blade

Speed: 78, Control: 85 , Weight: 85 gr , Ply: 5  Donic Persson Power Allround has aggressive allround characteristics. Perfect ball control. A best-seller for many years.       PPD REWARDS CLUB: FREE PRODUCT FOR 1250...

DONIC Waldner Allplay Blade

The legendary DONIC allround wood, a new addition to the Waldner line. The handle is made out of a dark natural wood incorporating the well known "Waldner Design". The surprising playing characteristics of this classic DONIC ALLPLAY wood made it a best...

Xiom Classic Allround S Blade

Classical speed control allround 5-ply. A bit slow blade preferred in Europe. Structure: limba surface 5-ply wood. Good for the beginner or young player Number of Layers : 5 Blade Weight (grams) : 80 Blade Type : ALL+    

DONIC Appelgren Exclusive ALL– Blade

DONIC's Exclusive blades are unbeatable values. Named after 4 of the top table tennis stars of recent times. The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. These...