The information below will help you to understand the products that we sell and to choose the product that is right for you. 

The Basic Strokes. It helps to know the jargon to understand the product descriptions.

Speed, Spin, Control. The primary characteristics of rubber and blades and what the ratings mean.

Racket Info. The components of a racket and whether to buy a manufacturer-assembled racket or select a blade and rubber to create a custom racket.

Blade Info. Blade material, plies, weight, handle technologies, and how long a blade will last.

Grip and Handle Styles. Descriptions of the handle styles that rackets and blades come in and which of the two grip styles each handle style is for.

Rubber Info. The various types of rubber.

Sponge Info. Sponge thickness and hardness.

Glue and Booster Info. The difference between regular and speed glue, the health effects of glue, and what booster is.

Rubber and Speed Glue. Which rubber technologies produce a built-in speed-glue effect, which rubber types and sponge worked best with speed glue, and whether beginners should use rubber that has a built-in speed glue effect.

Edge Tape Info. What edge tape is for and what thickness to get.

Racket Assembly. How to glue rubber to your blade.

Rubber Life and Care. How long rubber lasts and how to care for and protect your rubber.

Table Info. Important features of table tennis tables.

Net Info. Types of nets and posts.

Ball Info. Information to help you buy table tennis balls.

Shoe Info. How table tennis shoes differ from shoes in other sports and for charts to convert between U.S./Canada, Europe, U.K., and Japan shoe sizes.

Robot Info. General guidance to help you select a robot.



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