net set, or net and post set, is the posts and the net. A replacement net is just the net without the posts. If people say, “net”, they usually mean a net and post set.

Whether a Post Will Fit on Your Table

All posts do not fit on all tables. The post’s gap is how thick a table it can be attached to. Usually, if the gap is large enough for your table, then the posts should fit. However, some tables have aprons so that some wide posts won’t fit. Some tables have posts that are permanently attached to the table, so they may not be able to take a standard post. With some tables that have posts which are permanently attached, you can remove the posts with a screwdriver so the table will take a standard post.

Clip vs. Screw

There are two types of post attachment mechanisms: clip and screw. Posts that have a clip can be quicker to attach than those with a screw mechanism. However, the screw mechanism is almost as quick, easier to use (some of the clips can be stiff), and provides a more solid attachment. Because the attachment is more solid, it is also generally easier to adjust the net height and tension with screw-on nets. If you aren’t sure which type you want, we recommend the screw-on type.

Height and Tension Adjustment

Most net and post sets let you adjust the height of the net using screws underneath the posts. According to the rules, the height should be 15.25 cm (6?). A net height gauge makes it easy to get the correct height. Some net and post sets come with a net height gauge (see the product description for the net and post set).

Most net and post sets let you adjust the net tension. For adjusting the net tension, net and post sets that use a metal bead chain which slips into a slot work best.