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Xiom Hibi-O Pro PHJ Blade

KISO HINOKI MONO-PLY PREMIUM MONO-PLY PENHOLDER BLADES OF ULTIMATE POWER XIOM KISO HINOKI series penholder blades are made of extremely high quality Kiso Hinoki wood. Kiso Hinoki is called as "king of woods" for long time. This premium wood is grown in...

Xiom Hibi-O PHJ Blade

ULTIMATE ALL-ROUND PLAYER'S MACHINE FROM KISO-HINOKI ALL-ROUND CAPACITY EQUIPPED WITH THE PERFECT BALANCE IN SPEED, SPIN AND CONTROL HOBI-O blade is highly suitable for using a variety of techniques used in table tennis. This blade is characterized by...

Xiom Katana PHJ Blade

Mono-ply Japanese penhold of super premium quality. Super premium mono-ply Kiso Hinoki penholder blade. Among the class HONMASA Kiso Hinoki woods which is already premium class wood, only top quality woods are selected for this "Special" version...

Xiom Seung PHJ Blade

Premium quality single-ply Kiso Hinoki blade, made in Japan. Japanese penhold blade.A powerful blade with high dynamic range, offering great touch in the short game, while plenty of power in your loops or smashes.      

Xiom Pro Speed (M Power) PHJ Blade

ENGINEERED MONOBLADE FOR PLASTICBALL HIGH-TECH BLADES FOR MODERN POWER PLAY PRO SPEED has a destructive power and incredibly low price. This blade is designed for moving up the center of gravity while using a new lightweight sapphire wood.This technology...