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Shoe Info

Table tennis is played with your weight on the balls of your feet with lots of sideways movement and change of direction. As such, table tennis shoes are lighter than shoes for most other racket sports and are very good for moving laterally. The most important characteristics of a table tennis shoe are grip, being lightweight, and having a good snug fit.

Flooring Material

The type of floor that you play on can affect your choice of shoe. If you only play on wood, you can go for a lighter shoe. If you play on concrete, you may prefer one of our all-court styles, e.g., the STIGA Athletic Shoes or any adidas shoe.

Size Conversion Charts

All shoe/sock sizes are adult men’s sizes. To convert U.S./Canada women’s sizes to men’s sizes, subtract 1.5.


Men's Shoe Size Chart:




Women's Shoe Size Chart:




Children's Shoe Size Conversion: