If you are considering purchasing a full-sized table or conversion top, please see Table Shipping and Delivery for important information on shipping fees and accepting delivery. Note that freight shipping is expensive. For this reason, when you are comparison shopping, be sure to check whether shipping is included. We guarantee that we have the best prices of any table tennis retailer.


The most important part of a table tennis table is the top. Generally, thicker tops are better because the ball bounces higher, the bounce is more uniform across the table, and the top will better resist warping.

Frames and Legs

A strong frame and solid legs make for a better bounce. A strong frame also resists warping of the top. Note that the floor also has an effect on how a table plays: If you put any table on a thick carpet, it will be very slow.

Folding Type

In our table comparison chart, we classify each table into one of the following folding types.

  • Attached. The table rests on its wheels when in use. The two halves are attached. The table folds for storage.
  • Separate. The table rests on its wheels when in use. The two halves are not attached. Each half folds for storage. If you have several tables, this type takes up less space than does the Attached type.
  • Compact. The table rests on its wheels when in use. The two halves are attached. The table folds for storage, but has a more sophisticated folding mechanism so it takes up less space when stored than does the Attached type.
  • Stationary. The table wheels are on the edge of each half. The wheels do not rest on the floor when the table is in use. The two halves are not attached. Stationary tables are very stable when in use and take up very little space when stored. With a little practice, one person can roll the table from place to place.
  • None. The table doesn't fold.

Since the Stationary and Separate types have two separate halves, they are much easier to move up and down stairs. Two people can carry a Stationary half, but you will probably need four people for a Separate half.

Wheels and folding mechanisms cost money, but you do not use them when you are playing. And, if not of good quality, they can make the table support less solid and affect the bounce. So, a Stationary table provides good value.

Used Tables

Our used tables have been used at a major tournament. They have been played on for only a few days and have been carefully checked after the tournament to make sure that they are still in excellent condition. Buying a used table will get you an excellent table at a terrific price.

Nets and Posts

Some tables come with net posts permanently attached to the frame. These tables take slightly less time to set up when you want to play. However, such net posts are usually not as sturdy or as adjustable as separate posts.