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VEGA EUROPE is the softest rubber of VEGA series. VEGA EUROPE is equipped with soft version of "Carbo Sponge." This unique sponge gives soft and exciting feel, and provides the same level of energy efficiency as its harder version for VEGA PRO and VEGA ASIA. New "Hyper Elasto" top layer of natural rubber has special pimple structure for great trampoline effect and extraordinary dwelling feel. The combination of these special sponge and top layer endows VEGA EUROPE the ability of almighty control as well as innovative performance of topspin. It creates the biggest safe zone (window) above the net for topspin attack. As a result, it will greatly reduce the probability of mistake. VEGA EUROPE is recommended for the players of modern European style who play with continuous and controlled both-hand topspin.



Type Pimples in
Control 56
Speed 94
Spin 93
Hardness Hard
Thickness 2.0/Max
Tensor Yes


Xiom Vega series inverted rubbers is a highly rated rubber series from Xiom (a Korean table tennis manufacturer). The Vega rubbers all have Xiom's signature black Carbo Sponge, which better transfers the energy of impacting the ball with your racket into speed and spin. And layered above, is their glossy Hyper Elasto topsheet, made from natural rubber to provide excellent grip, which in turn, means superb spin. The pimples are densely packed to give the user a harder and more direct feel at ball impact.

There are 5 versions in this rubber series—Asia, Europe, ProAsia DF, and Europe DF. The Asia models have hard sponge for the best speed. The Europe models have soft sponge for the most control. And the hard sponge Pro model is optimized to impart extreme spin (your new Professional Spin Weapon).

And what about the two DF models? DF is an acronym for Dynamic Friction. Xiom added this feature after the plastic ball was introduced to combat the more slippery surface of poly (40+) balls, which detracts from the spin and a sharp feel at ball impact. Evolved from snow tire technology, Dynamic Friction balances the chemical composition with the physical structure for one purpose—to maximize grip.

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