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Players in search of a rubber for devastating topspins will be enthused by Hexer. 100% natural rubber in the topsheet results in increased grip and a longer dwell time. This improves the trampoline and rotation effects for the same striking energy. In addition, the new and progressive pip geometry gives a compact playing feel for better control over all that power. All Hexer rubbers are noted for their longevity, so you need to change rubbers less often.

The 4th generation of Tensor Technology unfolds its immense qualities in spin and loop-oriented play. The 100% natural rubber topsheet is particularly renowned for its ability to grab the ball on soft brushing strokes like slow loops and serves where only the topsheet is used, but also performs very well on fast or medium loops where the ball is driven deeper into the sponge. The pip structure and topsheet combine to provide outstanding control over table play strokes like short pushes, serve returns, and other touch shots, which are an often overlooked, but crucially important, part of the game and are often responsible for setting up shots that can be more easily attacked.

Are you looking for a rubber whose strength is comfortable ball feedback? Whose speed consistently puts pressure on your opponent and adds unimagined precision to your game? Then go for Hexer+!

The new recipe for the topsheet combined with the progressive pip geometry gives Hexer+ a strong trampoline effect and a comfortable, flat ball-rebound angle. With a lower arc, your topspin loops will reach the goal even faster. More speed and performance from the same energy input. Thus the ball can more quickly make its way to the target—this lets you generate more pace even though less energy is needed (Pace Performance). The Hexer-sponge of the fourth-generation Tensor technology provides the dynamics you have been searching for, and strokes from all table distances will be routine. For players whose own versatility is their key to success.

For the spin-oriented offensive player.

  • More Speed
  • More Speed-Glue Feeling
  • More Control
  • Pace Performance


Type Smooth
Control 82
Speed 109
Spin 109
Hardness Medium-hard
Thickness 1.9/2.1


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