Cornilleau Nexeo Graphite X200 Racket

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Cornilleau Nexeo Graphite X200 is the perfect combination of expertise in graphite technologies, that thus far has been reserved for the tennis world, and outdoor ping pong. This is the most high performance outdoor racket on the market. It took 3 years for this product to come to fruition and the results offer supreme qualities that one might assume are incompatible: outdoor weather resistance, incredibly high performance, ultra-durabllity (shock resistant), and extra light weight. Don’t hesitate for even a second; you too can BOOST YOUR GAME!

Cornilleau, the world leader and innovator in outdoor racket technology, has never before offered an outdoor racket with such high performance and it’s worth every penny. They faced a conundrum—how do you combine the weather resistance and durability necessary for outdoor play with the light weight and high performance typical of normal indoor play blades and rubbers? Indoor table tennis rubbers offer high performance with great speed and spin and blades that are light and fast; whereas, outdoor rackets historically were much heavier and simply could not produce the same degree of spin and speed. On the other hand, outdoor rackets were tough and durable, unlike indoor rackets that were easy to break, not weather resistant, and with rubber surfaces that wore out quickly. The Nexeo X200 solved this conundrum of racket technologies by offering the best of both worlds!

Nexeo’s dynamic sponge offers unmatched speed and catapult effect similar to competition rubbers. The top elastomer layer grabs the ball tightly to apply lots of spin, and with familiar feel and control. By permanently mounting this covering on a 100% carbon fiber core, this racket is much lighter and faster than other outdoor rackets and comparable with weights of typical indoor rackets. The carbon fiber core also stiffens the blade, enhances feel, and increases speed. But unlike indoor rackets, Nexeo X200 easily withstands impact and bad weather. The covering can’t be removed and never needs replacement, assuring years of high performance without the hassle of replacing rubbers to regain performance. Lastly, Nexeo’s special elastomer handle is super comfortable, ergonomic, and provides optimal grip. 

Speed, Spin, Precision, Durability, Weather Resistance, Light Weight, Comfort, and No Maintenance—this racket has it all!

  • Spin 9
  • Speed 9.5
  • Control 7
  • Rubber Foamed Elastomer
  • Core Composite
  • Concept Graphite Inside, Extra Light
  • Foam color White

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