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Joola Table Cleaner (500 ml)

Joola Table Cleaner (500 ml)

Gentle cleaning solution for table tennis tables in spray bottle. The JOOLA Table Tennis Table Cleaner ensures that your table tennis table stays in premium playing condition. Easily and gently removes dust, dirt, and sweat stains from your ping pong...
Donic Sky Outdoor Blue

Donic Sky Outdoor Blue FREE Ship & Net (Canada Only)

  Robust, weatherproof, with striking design features. The curved undercarriage is not only extremely strong but also eye-catching. A contemporary metallic appearance in combination with a pleasing blue top surface. Excellent playing characteristics...
Donic Galaxy Outdoor Blue

Donic Galaxy Outdoor Blue FREE Ship & Net (Canada Only)

  The Donic TT Table Galaxy Outdoor is a sturdy and attractive table that can be used to play an interesting  tennis game. It can be easily installed and used. The material of the table is smooth and attractive that will allow a great play. The...