Cornilleau Softbat Duo Racket Set

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This is the best value in elastomer-covered rackets that are especially suitable for outdoor play. These types of rackets are weather resistant—sun or rain will not harm them. The blade and rubber covering are molded in one piece so the two are permanently bonded together. The handle is a soft elastomer that is comfortable in the hand and can be securely gripped even when wet. And these rackets are extra durable, easily outlasting many traditional wood + rubber rackets. The covering provides decent spin, but not too much. Perfect for controlled play in recreational or educational environments.

Indoors, these rackets are ideally suited for instruction for PE classes or other group instruction for recreational or novice players. They are immune to the typical problems of traditional rackets where students tear off or damage the rubber or handle. They even incorporate a special handle design that guides the correct placement of the fingers around the handle and blade. And the handle suits both youngsters and adults alike. Their special coverings allow all strokes to be taught, even spin-oriented ones like loops, serves, and banana flips.
Lastly, these Softbats are made 100% from recyclable materials, so you’re helping the planet with every purchase. These make wonderful, long-lasting gifts for anyone starting to play ping pong or who is content to play recreationally. A set of two, one bright blue & black, and the other bright red and black. Very distinctive coloring. The best value you will find in an ultra-durable, colorful, and good performance racket.


The world's first eco-design table tennis bat.

After several years of research and development, working with Armor Lux, their bio-injection partner, Cornilleau has launched the first green racket made from recycled clothing.

The Softbat is ideal for training and educational use with a playing surface that creates some spin but not too much. The round, ergonomic handle suits both children and adults alike.

These bats are weather resistant, shock resistant and have a non-detachable covering.



  • Made from recycled materials
  • Softskin elastomeric blade

Playing Quality

  • Ultra durable bat
  • Ideal for beginners and training
  • Weather resistant
  • Shock resistant


Softbats are made from recycling cotton and polyester fabrics from former Amor Lux collections and end of life clothing. 


Recycled thermoplastic blade makes this an extremely solid bat which is resistant to impacts, UV rays and humidity.


Non-detachable covering is completely resistant to humidity and will not peel.


Round ergonomic handle with soft touch grip which is comfortable to use.


Elastomeric material that grips and an upper surface that protects.


Designed and manufactured in France.

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