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I very much look forward to buying more products from your company. The
service is outstanding!




I would like to thank Mr. Mitchell and his staff for their. outstanding
customer support.

Marc was very enthusiastic. He not only explained to me the product but
also ensured that it was expedited at the earliest.

Excellent service !   Keep it up.

Francis Aaron



You guys at PingPong Depot are very efficient my Newgy 2050 came much
faster than the expected date. Your customer service is excellent.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to other customers.

Thank you very much





I had ordered the Butterfly G40+ MQ (72) and I am very impressed and
satisfied how quickly the order was filled and shipped.

Would not hesitate to order from you again.

Thank you



Best customer service I have ever experienced from any company bar none. When the owner personally goes to your home to make sure on an assembly glitch that is unreal. Also, can"t say enough about Angie. What an awesome service she provides. This company should open a consulting sideline and teach others on what customer satisfaction is all about. Can"t say enough about them. Thank you Angie, Simon and Alain. The best.





WOW. Quelle belle expérience.

Mon garçon avait besoin de sa première raquette de ping pong. Merci pour les conseils, merci pour l'accueil, merci pour le service 8********, comme les balles de ping pong en 1980.

Bon produit, bon prix. Merci mon gars est super excité et attend impatiemment demain pour l'esssayer. Merci et Bravo.

Bernard Migner



Dear Pingpongdepot,

I received my order.
Pingpongdepot did it again! A very best purchasing experience. I would like to thank the Pinpongdepot team especially Angie and Alain Simon for their dedication and professionalism in preparing and shipping my order.
Pingpongdepot is always my favorite table tennis store and I had referred several friends in the past.
Keep up with your good work

Best regards

T Nguyen



Bonjour, Hi,

We ordered your best net set and we are delighted by your very fast service and the excellent quality of the product.

We wish you every success.

Don Sinclair & Inge Sinclair, June 13th, 2015



This is message is simply to thank you for your outstanding support and customer service.

It is customer support at its highest level and this is coming from someone that used to work as a customer service representative. The racket came by UPS beautifully wrapped with tons of gifts just the day after I placed the order.

In the coming days, I will order another one as I gave it to someone truly deserving who would not have access to your services.Thank you again Simon and take good care.

Max Tossa, August 4, 2015



All I can say is thank you for working with me and my family to get a quality product at a competitive price.  You guys actually care, that is a nice change. When people are over playing table tennis I will make sure everyone knows where we purchased the products.  Word of mouth is the best advertising. Angie is amazing.  Thank you again.  




You guys and UPS are amazing. I ordered a net assembly from you on Thursday and got it on Monday!  That's Monday December 24!  I don't know how you did it nor did I expect it but thanks for the speedy delivery!  This was my first order and I would definitely buy from you again.  Merry Christmas.


Geoff M



Bonjour Angie,

La table de ping pong a ete livree hier matin, montee et etrennee hier soir. Les enfants sont ravis  Sans aucun doute, tout le monde va desormais passer de nombreuses heures d'amusement autour de LA table de Ping Pong !

Merci pour votre aide patiente.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journee et une excellente fin de semaine.




I like your online store and I appreciate good communication so I will most likely buy from you again.

Kind regards,




Une merveille......... Les tables Cornilleau!!!

Le Club de Tennis de Table Gadbois de Montréal a récemment acheté 3 tables Cornilleau 640. L'installation des tables a été très simple à faire. Certains éléments contribuent à rendre l'expérience agréable, en commençant par les instructions qui sont très bien expliquées et faciles à suivre. Le temps d'installation fut d'environ 45 minutes pour la première table, tandis que la 3e table était prête à utiliser après 30 minutes!!!

À ma surprise, lorsque nous déplaçons les tables afin de les préparer pour jouer ou encore pour les ranger, nous avons que leur manipulation est bien plus facile et sécuritaire que la majorité des autres marques. Le mécanisme utilisé fait en sorte qu'il est beaucoup plus facile et sécuritaire de plier et déplier les tables.

Nous sommes très satisfaits de ces nouvelles tables Cornilleau, qui en plus d'être très élégantes, sont faciles d'utilisation.

Club de Tennis de Table Gadbois



Je viens de recevoir mon colis, SUPER RAPIDE.  Je croyais pas le recevoir ce vendredi car mon garcon a commencé à jouer tous les lundis dans le Club Intersport de Drummondville et il adore.  Il va pouvoir l'essayer ce lundi, merci beaucoup encore et je vais commander autres choses chez vous dans un avenir rapproché....




I've got all my stuff last Friday.  By far, We are really enjoying the new table for its amazing quality.
Thanks so much for your prompt and friendly service and we would like to share our happiness with you by those pictures and videos taken from this table.
Thanks again!!
Shuntian and Best Choice PP club





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