Pre-Order Tables and Robots Today & Get A FREE GIFT!
Tables and robots have been selling in huge quantities since the start of the confinement period and it’s no wonder why! Demand for tables and robots is very high, as they offer great entertainment, provide excellent exercise and allow table tennis players, from recreational to professional, a means by which they can improve their game! We've got everything you need for hours of fun at home or for the backyard, in a huge range of prices. Something for everyone for indoor and outdoor fun! 

On the flip side however, manufacturers have been affected by Covid-19, leading to production delays, therefore limiting their available stock. It is for this reason that we are launching our Pre-Order Special OfferPre-order right away to ensure you get what you want as soon as it is available, at the absolute guaranteed best price.
In order to make up for the waiting period for the table or robot you want, we are offering you a FREE GIFT. Actually, your choice of 3 FREE Gifts. Choose from a Special gift certificate, a Professional certificate or a Recreational certificate.
Depending on the value of the item(s) you purchase, and when it will be available, the minimum FREE GIFT is a $10 gift certificate and this goes all the way up to a $200 recreational certificate! On each of the eligible robots or tables you will see the 3 choices available to you when you pre-order, along with when the table or robot will be available.

All these items are also on Pre-Order Sale, so in addition to the Free gift, you also save money

And if that wasn’t enough… your savings are locked in! If the price goes up, it doesn't affect you because you've already locked in your savings!! If the price goes down any time in the next 90 days, we will refund you the difference. Now that’s a win/win offer!!

How to Pre-order your table or robot: Simply select your table or robot for pre-order, add it to your shopping cart, and indicate the selection of your free gift in the comments section. On each of the eligible robots or tables you will see the 3 choices available to you when you pre-order, so make sure you indicate the free gift you are eligible for. Enjoy!