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Palio Amigo Biotech Rubber

The rubber is perfectly suitable not only for allround style of play but also for fast attacking with top spins and loops. A top sheet of rubber has a specific tackiness and allows creating strong...

Palio B11 ALL+ Blade

Blade Speed : 91 Blade Control : 95 Blade Weight (grams) : 86   With its great feel and touch, the Quartet Allround is ideal for almost any playing styles. The perfect balance of this...

Palio B21 Blade

Fast and dynamic blade PALIO B21 allows easily realizing your any attacking intentions. Due to a unique construction the blade PALIO B21 has not only a good speed, but also provides a perfect control...

Palio C-2 OFF Blade

The Palio C2 OFF Blade is made of 5 wood plies with 2 carbon layers surrounding the center ply. This blade is an offensive player’s dream. While this blade is very speedy (9.5 out of 10), it...

Palio CAT ALL Blade

Imagine light and at the same time powerful table tennis blade, which allows put into practice all your attacking intentions. And this is Palio CAT. The weight of this carbon blade is less then 69...

Palio CJ8000 BioTech Rubber

Palio CJ8000 Biotech rubbers use the classic CJ8000 topsheet, fairly soft and somewhat tacky for a very nice blend of speed and spin. The new topsheet will pick a ball up off the table when...