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Feel blades are the latest series of technologically advanced blades from Xiom. Since the advent of the 40+ poly ball, Xiom has undertaken an exhaustive search of thousands of materials, both natural and manmade, to determine the ones most suitable for making blades designed for the new ball. They named this search Project OracleFeel blades are the result of their research and development. And per their name, all these blades have characteristic good feeling emphasizing the control aspect of the blade. While control is high, speed is not sacrificed, and blades in this series are in the OFF to OFF+ range. All Feel blades are designed and crafted by master bladesmith, Masatoshi Morishita from Japan, who blends the layers of different woods and synthetic materials to produce a wide range of blade characteristics.

Wood must always be the primary material for all table tennis blades. To ensure consistency in each wood layer, the wood must be in one piece, without joints. Hinoki wood is considered one of the best woods for making table tennis blades. And Kiso Hinoki is the finest of the finest type of Hinoki. Kiso Hinoki is well balanced and strong with a unique soft feel. These characteristics help a player sense the delicate elasticity of the ball and provides a distinct sound. This special wood provides stability for successful attack or defense. All Feel blades contain layers of Kiso Hinoki.

Xiom chose select manmade materials to enhance certain qualities of the various woods. The miraculous material, Zephylium, is an Aramid-like polymer that not only increases speed, but also defines the vibrations better, making them sharp and clear to upgrade the control aspect. For the Feel series, Zephylium was weaved together with carbon to produce what Xiom calls, Woodfeel Zyphylium. Woodfeel Zyphylium increases blade sensitivity and enlarges the sweet spot of the blade, allowing better control of shots that are not hit perfectly. All Feel blades, except the S7, contain layers of Woodfeel Zyphylium.

Xiom Feel S7 uses Koto for the outermost layer, with Swedish wood for some of the inner layers. Swedish wood is highly prized by both Chinese and European players for its exceptional playing characteristics. Combined with the Kiso layer, this blade is flexy, with low vibration, and excellent Ball Grab. It is the second heaviest blade of this series, yet one of the thinnest. This is an extremely well-balanced offensive blade with excellent Japanese workmanship. Despite its high speed, the Feel S7 is quite forgiving and offers good control. Enables high-spin opening strokes as well as extremely hard topspin. This blade is particularly suited for variable offensive topspin players. However, it also provides exceptional control during passive play.

  • Weight: 93g
  • Thickness: 6.2 mm
  • Plies: 7
  • Speed: OFF
  • Control: High 
  • Stiffness: Low (flexy)
  • Feel: Soft

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