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With six models to choose from, there is a Robo-Pong for everyone – from the beginner, recreational ping pong player to the advanced, competitive table tennis athlete, and everyone in between. Compare Robo-Pong models >>


A Newgy robot is the best tool you can get to play more often and improve your skills.
A terrific investment for your game.

Every Newgy comes with FREE SHIPPING & 48 Robo-Balls!  

Your first step to seeing how robot practice can revolutionize your game. Robo-Pong 540+ is ideal for recreational players and the budget-minded. This is Newgy's lowest-priced robot. Now comes with 40+ poly Robo-Balls so your robot practice better translates to playing your tournament and club matches. Lower speed and frequency ranges and static delivery accommodate untrained strokes, making it ideal for novice players. Set it anywhere on top of table for a wide choice of throwing positions. Rotate the base to change trajectory. Or mount it in our optional Robo-Caddy to get a variety of depths in back of the table and multiply the available trajectories. Improved bucket design ensures reliable ball feed. Purchase the new Versa-Net to add automatic ball recycling.


  • Analog controls for ball speed and frequency
  • Ball Bucket holds approximately 100 balls for several minutes of non-stop play.
  • Compatible with 40 (celluloid) and 40+ (poly) balls.
  • Position the robot anywhere on top of table.
  • Retrieve stray balls quickly and easily with the optional Pong-Pal or Pong-Pal XL.
  • Purchase the inexpensive Ball Catch Net separately for ball capture and manual recycling.
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins
  • Available shot selection: push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop
  • Head Angle adjustments: from low (serves) to high (lobs)
  • Fits all standard ping-pong® tables and conversion top game tables, and is easy to set-up, take down, store and transport. No assembly or tools required.
  • Limited one-year warranty. Robots sold from US & Canada include 30-day money back guarantee & 5-year service policy.

Included with the Robo-Pong 540+

  • Ball Thrower
  • Ball Bucket
  • Mini Control Box 
  • Cable Clip
  • Transformer
  • Connector Cable
  • Owner's Manual
  • Forty-Eight 40+ Robo-Balls

About the 40+ mm table tennis ball:

  • Revolutionary technology
  • Most advanced table tennis ball
  • Made from poly plastic material - safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional celluloid balls
  • High quality, durable and consistent
  • ITTF official ball type

We provide access to North American factory-trained technicians to answer all of your questions and satisfy all of your repair and service needs! 




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Additional Info

Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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