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Cornilleau Gauzy Target Pro GT OFF FL Racket

The Cornilleau Gauzy Target Pro GT table tennis racket is a raffle racket designed for competitors and very good recreational players. Cornilleau has compiled rackets for which he used the best wood and rubber, and prepared a...

Cornilleau Nexeo Graphite X200 Racket

Cornilleau Nexeo Graphite X200 is the perfect combination of expertise in graphite technologies, that thus far has been reserved for the tennis world, and outdoor ping pong. This is the most high performance outdoor racket on the market. It took 3...

Cornilleau Simon Gauzy Drive Intens ALL+ FL Racket

Cornilleau has compiled rackets for which he used the best wood and rubber, and prepared a racket that has excellent characteristics for different levels of players. In this way you will not need to choose wood and rubber, but you can already order...

Donic-Schildkröt Carbotec 3000 FL Racket

For a controlled alround and still quite fast attacking game (ATTACK). 50% carbon blade. Material: 50% Carbon  Handle: concave and anatomic Rubber: Energy-QRC Sponge: 2,1mm  Speed: 110 Spin: 110 Control: 70

Cornilleau Excel 2000 Carbon Racket

Thanks to its CARBON TECHNOLOGY insert and its DYNACELL sponge, the Excell 2000 Carbon bat is a genuine reference for OFF/OFF+ players. The AERO SOFT and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact, whilst the top-sheet EFFICIENT CURVE ensures...

Donic Waldner 5000 Level Racket

The top bat comes in a high quality blister. A Level 5000 bat with two top quality carbon layers permit an aggressive and fast game of attack (ATTACK).Wood: Carbon (5CC Competition)Handle: concaveRubber: LigaSponge: 2,3mm   Speed: 110...

Donic-Schildkröt Carbotec 7000 FL Racket

Carbotec - the top line of performance rackets from Donic-Schildkröt. Awarded the coveted international RED DOT design award in 2009 and the Plus X Award in 2010 by two independant juries! These high performance rackets are a Schildkröt...

Stiga Pro Carbon (FL)

The ProCarbon is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials. The ProCarbon will allow you to experience the extreme power and spin found in rackets of the top players around the world. SPECIFICATIONS Plies 5+2 Handle...

Stiga Evolution Racket

Handle: Concave Pro Rubber: Premium Sponge: 2.0mm Blade: 6-ply light SPECIFICATIONS Plies 6 Handle Flared Rubber Premium Sponge Thickness 2.0 mm ITTF-approved Yes Control 90 Speed 96 Spin 94 Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Schock...

Stiga Talon Racket

The STIGA Talon is a tournament-level racket that offers exceptional performance ratings and features. With an International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Approved Rubber, STIGA Shock Dispersion Tube, Nano Composite Technology, and WRB Technology, the...

Cornilleau Excel 1000 Racket

Thanks to its DYNACELL sponge and its highly dynamic blade, the Excell 1000 bat is a reference for OFF/OFF+ players. The AERO and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact, whilst the top-sheet EFFICIENT CURVE ensures sound trajectories and...

Cornilleau Perform 800 Racket

Cornilleau Perform Racket This is an outstanding value in pre-assembled rackets. Ideal for the Allround to Offensive player who doesn't want to mess with assembling their own racket. With ITTF approved rubber assuring powerful grip, good speed, and...

Donic-Schildkröt Carbotec 900 FL Racket

An excellent alround racket  and for the more competitive player most suitable for a more defensive game. (ALLROUND+). 20% carbon blade.Material: 20% Carbon Handle: concave Rubber: Champion-QRCSponge: 1,9mm Speed: 100 Spin:...

GEWO Carat 2,0/1,8'' Racket

Ideal racket for modern all-rounders. Easy-to-play, high-control, special 5-ply blade provided with GEWO Return Pro rubber sheet. GEWO Return Pro was developed for modern, spin-oriented AR+ players. Very easy to play in any situation. Control and feel at...

Andro I-200 FL Racket

For competition players. Rubbers with well-dosed TENSOR effect provide a huge plus in control, spin and fun. andro INIZIO, andro GTT45 (pimples in), FH 1,8 mm + BH 1,8 mm Handle FLAIR    

Stiga Supreme Racket (AN)

Rubber: Future inverted with ACS technology Handle: Anatomic Italian composite with WRB system Sponge: 2.0mm Blade: 7-ply extra light blade with Tube technology and Crystal Tech technology SPECIFICATIONS Plies 7 Handle Anatomic Rubber Future...

Donic Waldner 1000 Level Racket

Wood: Competition (5C) Handle: concave Rubber: Easy Slick Sponge: 2,1mm   Level 1000 bat for sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed (ATTACK).