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Butterfly Hadraw VR FL Blade

A 5-ply all natural wood blade that features outer plies of Wenge wood. Wenge wood is hard, yet elastic and has tremendous repulsion properties, giving a pop sensation when striking the ball. It is renown not only for its beautiful color and grain,...

Butterfly Hadraw SK FL Blade

High Class topspin blade Hadraw SK, an all-wood blade by Butterfly delivers the popular feeling of a natural wood blade – suiting it perfectly for spin-oriented, fast topspin play and attacks. Class: OFF- Plies: 7W Weight: 85g~ Blade Thickness:...

Butterfly Hadraw VK FL Blade

Classic Offensive Fans of classic offensive blades feel right at home with the new Hadraw VK blade and its harder outer veneers. The 5-ply blade offers power and security in versatile topspin play as well as passive block and counter shots. Class:...

Butterfly Primorac Blade

    PPD REWARDS CLUB: FREE PRODUCT FOR 2320 POINTS To get your free product added to your order, please call us toll free at 1-855-681-7464 or email us at SPECIFICATIONS Weight 86 Plies 5  ...

GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 Blade - Weekly Special Save 40%

Speed: 94Control: 90Characteristics: Offensiv-Weight (g): 75Layers: 3+2   GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a controlled, well-balanced OFF- blade. Ideal for spin-oriented, direct, close-to-the-table attacking. High forgiveness on "off-centre" topspin hits...

Gewo Dynatec ZV Heavy FL Blade - Weekly Special Save 50%

Now available with additional tickness and weigt as Dynatec ZV Heavy!With this slightly thicker and heavier version (total thickness: 7.5mm instead of 6.9mm / Weight: 97 gr. instead of 88 gr.) you get additional speed and power without losing the basic...

GEWO Power Control Blade - Weekly Special Save 26%

  Speed: 86Control: 89Characteristics: Offensiv-Weight (g): 80Layers: 5   New design and better playing features. This blade offers excellent control at surprising speed! The new Power Control unites the power of an offensive blade with the...