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Xiom Ice Cream AZXi FL Blade

The Xiom Ice Cream AZXi has two limba outer plies and a Kiri core. However, sandwiched between the core and second limba ply, the AZXi has an inner carbon ply of ZLC on one side and an inner ply of ALC on the other side. This allows its users to have...

DONIC Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso blade FL

This is Superstar Dima Ovtcharov’s favourite. He really does play with this blade. Two layers of Premium Acryl-Carbon surround the inner ply. This blade is distinguished by enormous acceleration, yet has great feel and relatively soft touch. The...

Xiom Ice Cream AZX Blade

Ice Cream AZX PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE & POWER CREATED BY HYBRID COMPOSITETwo special composites : ZEPHYLIUM CARBON (ZLC) and ARYLATE CARBON (ALC), both with clear distinctive performance in one blade provides the players with variety of...

Xiom Feel ZX 2 Blade

Feel blades are the latest series of technologically advanced blades from Xiom. Since the advent of the 40+ poly ball, Xiom has undertaken an exhaustive search of thousands of materials, both natural and manmade, to determine the ones most suitable...

Xiom Hibi-O Pro PHJ Blade - Weekly Special Save 51%

KISO HINOKI MONO-PLY PREMIUM MONO-PLY PENHOLDER BLADES OF ULTIMATE POWER XIOM KISO HINOKI series penholder blades are made of extremely high quality Kiso Hinoki wood. Kiso Hinoki is called as "king of woods" for long time. This premium wood is grown in...

DONIC Ovtcharov No. 1 blade FL

This blade has a similar ply formation to Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso but is slightly heavier. In contrast to Ovtcharov No. Senso the handle does not have the Senso technology. The weight distribution is therefore different, and the blade appears to be more...

Donic Waldner OFF WC89 blade

Spruce Pressing Technology (SPT) "Made in Germany"Our finest quality, produced by top craftsman in honour of the Swedish legends.Top workmanship, made in Germany. The new World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional. It celebrates the 25th anniversary...

DONIC Impuls 7.0 blade FL

control: 9 speed: 8+ elasticity : speed elastic weight: 85 layers: 5 Characteristics: AR +, OFF -   DONIC IMPULS TechnologyFor more than three decades, DONIC has been researching the vibration behavior of table tennis blades. In the...

DONIC Impuls 7.5 blade FL

control: 8 speed: 9+ elasticity : nearly stiff weight: 90 layers: 5 Characteristics: OFF, OFF -   DONIC IMPULS TechnologyFor more than three decades, DONIC has been researching the vibration behavior of table tennis blades. In the...

Xiom Katana PHJ Blade

Mono-ply Japanese penhold of super premium quality. Super premium mono-ply Kiso Hinoki penholder blade. Among the class HONMASA Kiso Hinoki woods which is already premium class wood, only top quality woods are selected for this "Special" version...

Xiom Seung PHJ Blade

Premium quality single-ply Kiso Hinoki blade, made in Japan. Japanese penhold blade.A powerful blade with high dynamic range, offering great touch in the short game, while plenty of power in your loops or smashes.   Guaranteed Best...

Xiom TourCarbon Stradivarius Blade

  Exceptional spin capability by “Aramid Carbon”. Sharp and compact feel for top offensive players. STRADIVARIUS, which has been one of the bestseller of XIOM, was reborn for top players of new era. Aramid Carbon, which is the mixture of...

DONIC Extension Green Carbon blade FL

control: 8+ speed: 9 elasticity : stiff weight: 90 layers: 7 Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -   The DONIC Extension GC (Green Carbon) fills the gap between the models Extension AC (AR+) and Extension OC (Off+) and thus is the...

Xiom Hibi-O PHJ Blade - Weekly Special Save 36%

ULTIMATE ALL-ROUND PLAYER'S MACHINE FROM KISO-HINOKI ALL-ROUND CAPACITY EQUIPPED WITH THE PERFECT BALANCE IN SPEED, SPIN AND CONTROL HOBI-O blade is highly suitable for using a variety of techniques used in table tennis. This blade is characterized by...

DONIC Dotec Impuls All+ blade RH

control: 8+ speed: 8+ elasticity : nearly stiff weight: 80 layers: 9 Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -   Fantastic player feeling of the Impuls blades combined with the unique cork handle of the DOTEC system. Our manufacturers...

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Blade

OFF– to OFF+ The blade chosen by Dima Ovtcharov presents the perfect combination of speed, power, and feel. As a consequence of the change to plastic balls, the European Champion looked for a solution to meet his high requirements—a...

Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade

OFF to OFF+   This is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with. For all out attackers with hard loops who prefer to counterattack. This is the...

Donic Waldner Legend Carbon blade

  Speed: 10.5 Control: 6 Ply:7 (Wooden) + 2 (Carbon) Thickness: about 6mm Weight: about 90g Type: OFF Elasticity: Hard Guaranteed Best Prices:   We guarantee that we have the best prices in the U.S. or Canada, and we will match our...