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DONIC Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso blade FL

This is Superstar Dima Ovtcharov’s favourite. He really does play with this blade. Two layers of Premium Acryl-Carbon surround the inner ply. This blade is distinguished by enormous acceleration, yet has great feel and relatively soft touch. The...

DONIC Ovtcharov No. 1 blade FL

This blade has a similar ply formation to Ovtcharov No. 1 Senso but is slightly heavier. In contrast to Ovtcharov No. Senso the handle does not have the Senso technology. The weight distribution is therefore different, and the blade appears to be more...

Donic Waldner OFF WC89 blade

Spruce Pressing Technology (SPT) "Made in Germany"Our finest quality, produced by top craftsman in honour of the Swedish legends.Top workmanship, made in Germany. The new World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional. It celebrates the 25th anniversary...

DONIC Impuls 7.0 blade FL

control: 9 speed: 8+ elasticity : speed elastic weight: 85 layers: 5 Characteristics: AR +, OFF -   DONIC IMPULS TechnologyFor more than three decades, DONIC has been researching the vibration behavior of table tennis blades. In the...

DONIC Impuls 7.5 blade FL

control: 8 speed: 9+ elasticity : nearly stiff weight: 90 layers: 5 Characteristics: OFF, OFF -   DONIC IMPULS TechnologyFor more than three decades, DONIC has been researching the vibration behavior of table tennis blades. In the...

DONIC Extension Green Carbon blade FL

control: 8+ speed: 9 elasticity : stiff weight: 90 layers: 7 Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -   The DONIC Extension GC (Green Carbon) fills the gap between the models Extension AC (AR+) and Extension OC (Off+) and thus is the...

DONIC Dotec Impuls All+ blade RH

control: 8+ speed: 8+ elasticity : nearly stiff weight: 80 layers: 9 Characteristics: AR, AR +, OFF -   Fantastic player feeling of the Impuls blades combined with the unique cork handle of the DOTEC system. Our manufacturers...

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon Blade

OFF– to OFF+ The blade chosen by Dima Ovtcharov presents the perfect combination of speed, power, and feel. As a consequence of the change to plastic balls, the European Champion looked for a solution to meet his high requirements—a...

DHS Fang Bo Carbon FL Blade

The Fang Bo Carbon offers unyielding power. With good handling and stable looping you can expect this blade to give you the speed necessary from close and mid distance. The blade of Fang Bo for the 2016 season. Layers : 5+2Weight (g) : 90Blade Type :...

Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade

OFF to OFF+   This is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with. For all out attackers with hard loops who prefer to counterattack. This is the...

Donic Waldner Legend Carbon blade

  Speed: 10.5 Control: 6 Ply:7 (Wooden) + 2 (Carbon) Thickness: about 6mm Weight: about 90g Type: OFF Elasticity: Hard Guaranteed Best Prices:   We guarantee that we have the best prices in the U.S. or Canada, and we will match our...

Donic Extension AC blade

A markedly thin blade (inner ply 2.5mm, total thickness about 4.7mm), which reminds on the first generation of carbon blades, with an interesting ply structure. The soft Tanne combined with a medium hard Ayous inner ply creates extremely good control...

Donic Ovtcharov Dotec ALL blade

ALL- to ALL+   Donic continues to build on many years of success of its Dotec series with three new Ovtcharov blades:OFF, ALL+ and ALL. Ovtcharov Dotec blades incorporate the brand new CBF technology for the first time. This technology carefully...

Donic Ovtcharov Senso V2 blade

ALL+ to OFF Ovtcharov Senso V2 continues Donic's Senso-Technology's successful tradition and compliments the product range with a 5-ply V2 power allround blade. Compared to the hard walnut outer ply of the Ovtcharov Senso V1 this blade has a softer...

Donic Extension OC blade

Extension OC is a very fast and relatively hard offensive blade. No compromise permitted. The Ovankole outerplies are extremely hard and in combination with the underlying PBO fibre/carbon layers create top acceleration. Ovankole is a fine African wood,...

DONIC Impuls 6.5 blade FL

control: 10 speed: 7+ elasticity : control-elastic weight: 80 layers: 5 Characteristics: AR, AR + DONIC IMPULS TechnologyFor more than three decades, DONIC has been researching the vibration behavior of table tennis blades. In the 1990s,...

Donic Ovtcharov Senso V1 blade

  OFF to OFF+ Blade Technology Made in Sweden. The idea originated in Sweden and has found favour with world stars. A new gluing technology was established during the development of the DONIC Ovtcharov Senso V1 blade. DONIC's top...


A stiff blade usually offers less control but this does not happen with DONIC BURN OFF. For a fast blade at 85 - 90 g it is relatively light and has an outstanding sweet spot. It won't be top heavy even with heavy and hard rubbers.DONIC BURN OFF - the...