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Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Blade

The First Model With Super ZL-Carbon Style: Attack | Reaction: 12.3 | Vibration: 11.1  The very first model with Super ZL-Carbon; Butterfly has succeeded in achieving not only a better reaction than existing blades, but also the expansion of the...

Butterfly Mizutani Blade Jun Super ZLC FL Blade

Collaboration Model With Jun Mizutani Style: Attack | Reaction: 12.5 | Vibration: 11.6 Mizutani Jun Super ZLC blade is named after the Japanese great, Mizutani Jun. Super ZL-Carbon has gone beyond the present fibrous materials and stepped forward into...

Butterfly Mizutani Jun ZLC FL Blade

The Model Jun Mizutani Used Style: Attack | Reaction: 11.8 | Vibration: 11.2 In collaboration with Jun Mizutani, the top players of the Japanese national team and multiple National Champion, Butterfly developed this quality and relatively light ZL...

Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC FL Blade

High Performance Model With Arylate-Carbon Style: Attack | Reaction: 11.8 | Vibration: 10.3 A model with Arylate-Carbon, which makes the high reaction and control possible. It is recommended for the player who seeks a balanced powerful attack while...

Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit FL Blade

• The Timo Boll Spirit has good speed and feel due to the Arylate/Carbon fiber layers which has become a favorite among top players • Great for the European looping style of play • One of our best sellers!   Model Which Supported Timo...

Butterfly Hadraw SK FL Blade

High Class topspin blade Hadraw SK, an all-wood blade by Butterfly delivers the popular feeling of a natural wood blade – suiting it perfectly for spin-oriented, fast topspin play and attacks. Class: OFF- Plies: 7W Weight: 85g~ Blade Thickness:...

Butterfly Timo Boll W7 Blade

SPECIFICATIONS Weight 94 Plies 7  Control 85  Speed 85  Classification OFF  Style: OFF Weight: 94 gr Stiffness: Hard Plies: 7 The Timo Boll W7 combines the new Timo Boll blade shape...

DONIC Extension Green Carbon blade FL

control: 8+ speed: 9 elasticity : stiff weight: 90 layers: 7 Characteristics: AR +, OFF, OFF -   The DONIC Extension GC (Green Carbon) fills the gap between the models Extension AC (AR+) and Extension OC (Off+) and thus is the...

Andro Gauzy SL OFF Blade - Daily Special Save 33%

Seven layers of fine wood harmonise perfectly with each other. Soulful core, hard outer veneers made of Ebony. The direct ball hitting point enables effective and powerful topspins. In the modern and fast game close to the table you save time and put...

Donic Extension AC blade

A markedly thin blade (inner ply 2.5mm, total thickness about 4.7mm), which reminds on the first generation of carbon blades, with an interesting ply structure. The soft Tanne combined with a medium hard Ayous inner ply creates extremely good control...

Donic Extension OC blade

Extension OC is a very fast and relatively hard offensive blade. No compromise permitted. The Ovankole outerplies are extremely hard and in combination with the underlying PBO fibre/carbon layers create top acceleration. Ovankole is a fine African wood,...

Cornilleau Gatien Absolum OFF+ blade

Cornilleau Gatien Absolum OFF+ blade Pure Power in pure state. Devastating power obtained through the use of surface ebony. The central plies are of uniform thickness, heightening the sense of control necessary in blade of this quality.   ...

Cornilleau Gatien Conquest OFF blade

  The hard outer Wenge plies make this blade extremely responsive. This incisiveness is perfectly counter balanced by the clever use of balsa on either side of the triple central birch ply. Strategy OffSpeed 130Feel Medium-HardWeight 85gPlywood 9Ext...

andro Timber 7 OFF/S Blade

andro's TIMBER Line relies on the pure performance of natural wood and veneer construction. TIMBER 7 blades have 7 plies for more hardness and are suitable for variable topspin players who prefer to use a pure wood racket. The fastest TIMBER 7 takes you...

andro Timber 7 OFF Blade

andro's TIMBER Line relies on the pure performance of natural wood and veneer construction. TIMBER 7 blades have 7 plies for more hardness and are suitable for variable topspin players who prefer to use a pure wood racket.   . Balance—TIMBER...

Andro Gauzy BL7 OFF Blade - Daily Special Save 45%

Seven-ply wood Made in Sweden. Tradition and playing culture enrich the spin-oriented offensive game.  Seven veneers let the ball hit a solid base at every stroke, passing signals directly to the batting hand. Minimal vibrations are perceived as a...