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Cornilleau Premium Table Cover Grey Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Cornilleau Premium Table Cover (Grey)

 Light polyester cover to protect your table against dust and dirt. Cover attaches to the table so it won't get blown away. Helps ensure the safety of children. Grey.    =117.94=
Cornilleau Table Cover Grey Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Cornilleau Table Cover (Grey)

  This PVC table cover is designed to protect the table against dust and dirt so that it is always ready to play.  It is only suitable for use on Cornilleau tables as the covers tapers so that it is 850mm wide at the bottom but only 250mm at...
Andro Biggie 2.3x.9 m B Barrier Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

andro Biggie 2.3 x.9 m Barrier (Minimum purchase of 4 units)

    New “Stabilo” system helps keep these barriers with the andro logo looking neater, and the extra height keeps more balls in the court. Ideal for clubs. Makes your playing area look really professional. Keeps balls inside the...
Barrier Donic PPD Blue Ping Pong Depot Table Tennis Equipment

Barrier Donic PPD Blue (Minimum purchase of 4 units)

Barrier with DONIC logo on one side and PPD on one side. Epoxy-lacquered metal frame. Well constructed. Light, but durable. Can be folded and unfolded very quickly. Green or blue. 7'8" × 2'4" (2.33 m × 70 cm).

Newgy Pong-Pal

 The Quicker Ball Picker Upper Pong-Pal makes it much easier and faster for you to pick up table tennis balls. With its special angled end, you can even retrieve balls that are under your table or other hard-to-reach places. Its unique two-piece...