ABS Trial Pack (18 balls)

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ABS Trial Pack
In 2014 ITTF mandated that all ITTF sanctioned tournaments switch to using balls made a non-celluloid material. Manufacturers responded with a variety of seamed and seamless balls made from several different materials. But players never seems to really embrace the new balls as the bounce, sound, and playing characteristics were just a bit different that the celluloid balls our sport had used for over 100 years. Then in late 2017, balls made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This is a very common, harmless, and relatively inexpensive plastic used for many different applications, Important to table tennis; however, is its very good resistance to impacts. And as you can imagine, table tennis balls are subjected to thousands of table and racket impacts over their lifetime, so impact resistance is quite important when selecting a material for table tennis balls.

Once ABS balls were introduced, players began to prefer these balls over the original poly 40+ balls. And very soon, many important tournaments began using ABS balls as their Tournament Balls. Players report that the bounce and other playing characteristics of ABS balls are much closer to celluloid and more predictable.

PPD now offers ABS balls from 10 different brands of 3* (white) and training (white and orange) 40+ ABS plastic balls. We’ve created a ABS Trial Pack of all the ABS balls we sell—18 balls in all. This is a great way to test out these new balls and see for yourself how much better these balls are than the original 40+ balls. Our ABS Trial Pack is only $39.89, (US $29.99). But even better, each trial pack comes with a coupon for the same amount good on your next purchase of balls at PPD! So it’s like getting your trial pack for FREE. What a good deal!

Here’s a listing of all the different balls included in the ABS Trial Pack:

3-Star, ITTF Approved ABS Balls
UL333W Balls Butterfly A40+ 3* White Butterfly
CL643W Balls 3* Champion 40+ White Schildkröt
DL633W Balls P40+Poly 3* White Donic
LL610W Balls S40+ 3* ABS White Palio
NL633W Ball P-Ball ABS Evolution 3* White Cornilleau
OL633W Balls Ultra SLP 40+ 3* White Gewo
RL633W Balls Speedball 3S 3* White Andro
TL633W Balls CP40+ 3* White TSP
ABS Training/Practice Balls
AL631W Balls Practice 2* 40+ ABS White PPD
AL631Y Balls Practice 2* 40+ ABS Orange PPD
CL626W Balls  2T Club 40+ White Donic-Schildkröt
CL626Y Balls  2T Club 40+ Orange Donic-Schildkröt
DL626W Balls P40+ Coach White Donic
LL620W Balls 40+ 1* ABS Training Whte Palio
NL612W Ball P-Ball ABS Evolution 1* White Cornilleau
NL612Y Ball  P-Ball ABS Evolution 1* Orange Cornilleau
OL622W Balls Ultra SLP 40+ Double Star White Gewo
TL620W Balls GP 40+ Practice White TSP

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