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Xiom Omega VII Hyper Rubber

MEGA 7 HYPER - World’s First Hybrid Rubber You might think that this is just another OMEGA 7. But OMEGA 7 HYPER is built on unique concept withoutstanding performance. It’s the rubber you’ve never experienced before. The main concept...

Xiom Omega V Pro rubber

        Phased dynamics in the energy transfer between a ball and a rubber determines the rubber performance. Traditionally phased physical dynamics has been developed to produce the maximized spin and speed easily at lower swing...

Xiom Omega IV Euro Rubber

        Hyper Elasto technology rubber upgraded by new chemical composition and new Carbo Sponge. Solid ball-capturing at the surface and perfectly matching sponge hardness promote extra spins and superb control. OMEGA IV EUROPE...

Xiom Omega IV Pro Rubber

        Historical evolution towards full "speed-glue" aggression. Based on Hyper Elasto technology the new top sheet matched with upgraded Carbo Sponge offers extra-ordinary playing properties. Feel at the ball contact fully...

Xiom Vega X rubber

Xiom Vega X VEGA X - In celebration of VEGA’s 10th Anniversary Table tennis players from around the world have experienced and appreciated the "VEGA" rubber series over the past decade. VEGA made its reputation for excellent performance at...

Xiom Vega Asia DF Rubber

VEGA ASIA DF, another brilliant series of VEGA rubber has arrived. XIOM’s latest technology, Dynamic Friction is applied to this rubber. With Dynamic Friction, the rubber catches the ball better creating better spin & control. Ability to catch...

Xiom Vega Asia Rubber

  VEGA ASIA is a faster and more balanced version of the VEGA series. New "Hyper Elasto" top layer of natural rubber provides superb spin, and unique "Carbo Sponge" which was developed under the most advanced technology gives unprecedented energy...

Xiom Vega Europe Rubber

VEGA EUROPE is the softest rubber of VEGA series. VEGA EUROPE is equipped with soft version of "Carbo Sponge." This unique sponge gives soft and exciting feel, and provides the same level of energy efficiency as its harder version for VEGA PRO and VEGA...