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DHS G555 Med. Rubber

This extremely elastic rubber has been designed for use on a backhand side of the racket. Perfect for spin oriented offensive strategy from medium distance and also for playing short game or blocking.  

DHS G888 Hard Rubber

Speed: 58 Spin: 55 Control: 92 Hardness: Hard The G888 rubber from DHS adopts macromolecule material and optimizes the pimples structure, which is improved with new manufacturing technology on the base of PF4 888 used by Wang...

DHS PF4 Mid-Thick Rubber

Classical Chinese rubber with hard sponge and sticky rubber surface. One of the most famous DHS rubber suitable for quick attack both with top-spin and smash. Surface – Sticky. Sponge – Hard. Strategy – DEF-ALL-OFF.  

DHS Dragonow (Short Pips) Rubber

This short pimple rubber contains a new type of soft yet resilient sponge which ensures great speed and good control. Special design of the pimples provides this rubber with promising spin potential.  

DHS C7-S (Long Pips) Topsheet Rubber

A medium long pimpled rubber, effective for different strategies such as block defense close to the table, safe classic chop defense from the distance and counter attack. Sponge thickness – OX (without sponge) and 1.0 mm. Strategy – DEF-ALL...