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Xiom Ice Cream AZXi FL Blade

The Xiom Ice Cream AZXi has two limba outer plies and a Kiri core. However, sandwiched between the core and second limba ply, the AZXi has an inner carbon ply of ZLC on one side and an inner ply of ALC on the other side. This allows its users to have...

Xiom Ice Cream AZX Blade

Ice Cream AZX PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE & POWER CREATED BY HYBRID COMPOSITETwo special composites : ZEPHYLIUM CARBON (ZLC) and ARYLATE CARBON (ALC), both with clear distinctive performance in one blade provides the players with variety of...

Cornilleau Hinotec OFF+ carbon FL Blade

MAX POWER Favoring top spin smashes, counter loops and active blocks, you seek the maximum power in each of your strokes. Very precise and perfectly controllable when taking the counter-initiative, Hinotec OFF+ Carbon blade is a redoubtable weapon at...

Victas Koji Matsushita Special FL Blade

The new Koji Matsushita Special made by VICTAS combines innovative engineering with the experience and passion of the legendary Japanese defender, Koji Matsushita. This high-end product is the ideal tool for top players relying on modern,...

Victas ZX-Gear In Blade FL

VICTAS ZX-GEAR IN is a new high-control premium blade “Made in Japan”. The innovative new Zexion® carbon fiber which is placed directly on the core ply provides for a perfect combination of great power and unbelievable control. This...

Xiom Katana PHJ Blade

Mono-ply Japanese penhold of super premium quality. Super premium mono-ply Kiso Hinoki penholder blade. Among the class HONMASA Kiso Hinoki woods which is already premium class wood, only top quality woods are selected for this "Special" version...

Xiom Seung PHJ Blade

Premium quality single-ply Kiso Hinoki blade, made in Japan. Japanese penhold blade.A powerful blade with high dynamic range, offering great touch in the short game, while plenty of power in your loops or smashes.      

Gewo Aruna Hinoki Carbon OFF FL Blade

African Champion Relies on GEWO!   Wherever Quadri Aruna is about to compete, spectators around the world know that they will get the most spectacular rallies for their money. The multiple African Cup winner is famous for his powerful forehand...